Tuesday, September 2, 2014

i made this :: creamy { vegan! } dill potato salad!

I know a vegan potato salad is nothing earth breaking but this quick recipe was just what we needed last night.  We got back from a { almost too good to be true } 24 hours spent camping and mountain biking and had little to no energy left to throw together dinner. When we got back to town after our ride, all we could muster was the idea of grilling some lone brats { seriously, who knows how long they'd been in the fridge } and we needed something to go along side them. I ordered an organic Bountiful Box and their Grilling Add On Option over the weekend { read: so.many.veggies. } and still managed to forget to cancel our Door to Door Delivery box which was patiently waiting for us on Monday when we got back from our ride { read: so.so.so.so.many.veggies. }  This potato salad came together in a snap as we had everything on hand minus the dill.  I ended up doubling the recipe...and then some.  We love leftovers in our house.  I do wish I had thrown some extra veggies in with it...red pepper, celery, asparagus etc to beef up the salad and clear out our fridge a little more!  Good thing is I had extra of each ingredient still at home, so a second batch isn't too far off.

Like I said, I know this isn't groundbreaking by any stretch however it was delicious, quick, filling and rather inexpensive.  #winning.

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