Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's totally normal for your first and kinda only smile of the day to take place at 5:46pm, right? I'm at work finishing up a big project for a client event in the Springs Thursday and admittedly I've been cranky all day. Until I saw this.

Across from my office window are the IceHouse Lofts. Yes, we look into peoples apartments all day long. (I'll answer the questions of what we've seen take place in our neighbors personal lives at a different date.) We've taken to writing notes on our windows for them to read because it got so obviously awkward when they'd be on their balconies looking at us, and we'd be looking straight back at them.

So here is my note to them:


Creative, huh? Well I was beyond thrilled when somehow the sun and shadows reflected the message on the wall behind my desk, reading it back to me.

Kate got way more creative and colorful with hers:

RIP Pete the Pigeon.

And my personal favorite, Chuck videoing through his binoculars.

I just realized that I need to quit before you guys call the cops on us.

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