Monday, April 4, 2011

Home is where the wine is.

This is the weirdest little snippet I've probably shared yet on this blog, but after sleeping one night with my aunt, 3 nights on an air mattress with my mom, 25+ hours in the car since Friday and being sick a good 48 hours of those days, I was really looking forward to coming home and unwinding before a busy work week.  That isn't the weird part.  This is: I had finally made it to my apt from my aunt's house, parked my car, was carrying all my bags down the sidewalk and suddenly heard a ambulance with their siren loud and blaring not more than 2 blocks away and do you know what the first thought in my head was?

"Ahhhhhhhh, it feels good to be home."  

What about that was comforting and exciting to me?  I have no clue.  But here I sit, full glass of wine poured, windows open, listening to the traffic outside and I couldn't be happier.

I am so excited to share pictures and stories from my surprise weekend visit to North Dakota, but for now my 4 day packed DVR is calling my the stories and pictures will have to wait just a little bit.

Oofta,  I'm tired.

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