Thursday, April 28, 2011

Slow it down, Summerfield.

There is a strong chance I'm going to a Royal Wedding Party tonight at ahem ahem midnight ahem ahem ahem and need to kill time.  Yes midnight, yes this party has been planned for nearly 6 months, and yes there will be loads of food, and loads of booze.  Deal'wit it.  So I figured it was high time to slow it down, quit posting blog posts from my phone while hiding behind pretty pictures, and actually post something of substance.

Lately, it's very rare that I write a post from a computer, because work has Blogger blocked.  Which if you ask me, is like the dumbest thing.  What do they think?  I would sit at work and blog all day long?  I would.  So instead I sit on my phone and blog all day long.  HA!  Sucka's.  Joke's on you!  And for anyone who cares, they also have Facebook blocked, and when the IT Manager left, we printed AND framed the dumb we've-blocked-you-from-any-social-med-except-Twitter-aka-all-sources-of-fun screen and got all of Production to sign it.  IT - 0, Production - 1.  (That's a total lie, reverse it.  IT always wins.  Except in Halloween costumes.......then Production ALWAYS wins.)  Anyway, I have some time to kill tonight, and I've cleaned the kitchen as much as possible, I'm sick of the boob-tube (mostly because Casey just got voted off American Idol and I'm bitter and retaliating), so I plopped down with my steamed artichoke, scotch on the rocks (Why?  I'll get to that in a second), and am listening to Keri Noble on repeat.  I love this song.  Every single second, word and breath of it reminds me of my sister.  Not just because we'd listen to the entire album on repeat when we'd drive from Fargo to Dickinson back in our college days, or because my very first concert was seeing Keri Noble with my Katie, but the words hit painfully close to home.  No need to get serious and emotional (there will be enough of that when I explain the scotch on the rocks) but in the words of Keri, let's just say my sun has definitely lost a bit of it's light.


Scotch on the rocks = we lost our Grandma Krebs this morning.
Christmas 2004
Though I call her Grandma Krebs, technically she was my Grandma-in-law.  Or, my cousins other grandma.  Or my uncle's wife's mom.  Whatever you call it, she was, always has been and always will be my Grandma Krebs.  Growing up, I thought I was the luckiest girl alive because I truly believed that I had three grandmas.  I loved her hands, I loved her smile, I loved her stories (though towards the end, some of the stories were a littttttttle far fetched, but it's okay because who doesn't like an embellished story or two to keep the crowds interested?), I loved how without fail, she always gave us marshmallow chocolate eggs when we would go sit at her house and chat around Easter time.  After getting the news this morning, we were all really distraught, but as cliche as it sounds, she really is in a better place.  Adam and I decided she's up chilling with Miss Morgan, her husband Grant whom she lost at an early age from a plane accident, and my grandpa Joseph.  I was able to talk to my Grandma Kolling, cousins Adam and Joey (Joey is the bald one, and Adam has his goofy back to the camera) and aunty Dawn tonight, which the laughs we shared made my heart smile for sure.

Enough Serious Sally for one night?  I think so, too.  I hate to end this, because after searching through my iPhoto for that photo of Grandma Krebs I found some golden pictures I'd love to share, but this girl has to get a quick snooze in before my midnight arrival at Rebecca's house.  I'll save those pictures for next time when I decide to put my d@mn phone down and write a post like any normal human being.

Cheers my dear friends!

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