Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't stop, get it get it.

Mary and I enjoyed an awesome night of an intense tennis match (not-so-intense and balls flying e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e), a yummy homemade dinner and caught up on one of our favorite TV shows
Teen Mom 2
! But the real fun didn't start until Mary was, yet, again, blown away by the camera on my phone. "It goes so fast! Beth. It takes pictures SO fast." Exhibits 1-4 below.

You just wait. It gets better.

Ever since that fateful day back in November, Mary has taken a....let's say, liking to rap music. I'm often woken up with a text at 6am with her quoting the latest rap song that appeared on her Pandora during her morning run. I won't quote them here...just google "rap songs", and I promise you she listens to it. Anyhoodle, we ended the evening by watching, and trying our hardest to impersonate, Mary's latest online crush, Keenan. And yes, she called 50 Cent "soooo sweet!" earlier today. And I promise you, after you watch this video , you will agree. And though the video is somewhat creepy, this little guy does hold a special place in my heart. Back in October, I was back in ND to be in one of my best friends from High School's wedding, the night before (morning of) her wedding, at about 2am, Shaneille was so gitty and her usual amazingly silly self, she was pulling him up on her phone and laughing to this video . When most brides are mid-panic attack...we were up in bed, giggling and watching ridiculous videos.

So there you have it!...Now, don't stop, get it get it...

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