Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I love you, you little brat you.

The opening of this post is going to be awfully reminiscent of the time I blogged about coffee cups two days in a row. Blah blah, never would have predicted, blah blah work windows, blah, blog two days in a row, blah.

Our new offices are directly caddy-corner (Yes, I've officially made the switch from kitty to caddy-corner. You've read it here first, folks.) from where the Colorado Rockies play, Coors Field. This presents a world full of opportunity which includes, but are not limited to:
Free amazing parking to any and all games.
Using unused client tickets to day games for an hour over your lunch break during day games.
Really, really fun team building events.
Last minute evening plans for unused client tickets.

However. The number 1 and most important and amazing perk of our office location?

It's okay if you are confused. But what I'm trying to show you here is the hot dog stand you see in the reflection of poor IceHouse Loft person's windows.

Okay fine, quit complaining. Here is a better shot. Look on the corner.

I firmly believe this man's only reason in life is to cook with love and CO air, brats and hot dogs for my office.

Side note: Who was the mastermind behind naming/spelling brats? If they were going to double word something it should have been named after a unicorn or tulip or something. Not some misbehaved child. Anyhoodle.

Today is the first day game of the season, hence the long winded, slightly pointless blog post. I present to first unicorn of the season!!!!! (That didn't work, did it?)

I am busier than busy this week, so Alex offered to go down and get it for me so I could keep working. He did really good on my request for an obnoxious amount of kraut, but I prefer slightly tons more mustard. Kinda like this!

Photo from a game last year with my girls!

And another little gem for your viewing pleasure.

And this one I wouldn't call a gem...more blackmail. But Mary did remind me of the little brat who snapped this pix of me at Oktoberfest a few years ago, and I couldn't not post it because I am in fact, eating a brat.

Alright. Now I'm off to go figure out why I have so many photos of me eating hot dogs/brats.

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