Monday, September 9, 2013

#fog #thatshitcra

I've mentioned how the mornings have been increasingly overcast, but these past 2 days it's been taken to an entirely new level!

I posted this photo to my Instagram account yesterday comparing what our morning view typically looks like, to what it looked like yesterday AM.

Here is another shot from this morning; all 3 photos were taken in about 45 minutes! 

The fog is so deceiving because, like a chump, you dress in cozy layer after cozy layer and head out to volunteer at the Farmer's Market only to have 45 minutes go by and the sun is out, higher and hotter than ever.   One of these of these days I'll get the WA Clothing Layering System down.

Our condo is so very close to the Ferry Dock, so from about 4am to whenever the fog burns off, typically around 10am, you can hear the ferries honking to signal their arrival.  The fog is so thick they have to use that as a part of their GPS/docking system as no one/boat can see them in the haze!

I believe my hashtags on my Instagram photo yesterday says it all:
#fog #thatshitcra

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