Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ND or bust!

Tomorrow at this time, Hunter and I will { hopefully } be about 2 hours into our final summer road trip.  We are driving back to my hometown in North Dakota for a long weekend visit!!  My cousin Rebeca recently had the sweetest little baby girl, Maya, and I really only plan on putting that baby down to eat borscht soup and paprikash.  { My grandmother's paprikash which really isn't worthy of whatever Wikipedia has to say, so I'm letting it go unlinked. }  There are a small handful of aunts/uncles/cousins out there he's yet to meet and this trip will take care of most of them!  We've got plenty of books on tape, fruits and veggies packed for our snack attacks, and of COURSE our backpacking gear as we plan to do a quick backpack in Montana on our drive back!  Oh, andplusalso?  We'll stop and see Amie on our way out, and hopefully get to see her and her fiance{!!!!} Andrew on our drive back.  It's going to be a goooo-o-o-o-d week.

Here are a few snaps from my last trip back to ND for Becky's wedding.  I can't wait to see these faces!