Friday, September 20, 2013

the sweet season :: broken down

making :: cup after cup of tea!  chai tea, green tea, black tea, raspberry tea.  all of the teas.  give me all of the teas.
cooking :: bread, mushroom + roasted pepper risotto and psl syrup all in one morning.  think i missed the kitchen much after a week away? ;)
drinking :: less coffee, more tea.
reading :: just finished the interestings, currently reading the coocoo's calling, up next life after life.
wanting :: the ability to properly get out all the emotions, experiences and love from the past week.
looking :: out the window to an overcast afternoon over the water.
playing :: house with hunter makes me a happy woman.
wasting :: hours dreaming up the next big thing.  these hours are wasted only because of my lack of follow through.  hurmph.
sewing :: nada.
wishing :: for just a few more 0's in my bank account.  even one extra 0.  i'll take just half an 0, actually.
enjoying :: every minute, hour and day spent in bremerton knowing how few are left. 
waiting :: for a cute nurse to wake up before i try my hand at making homemade vegetable stalk!
liking :: pumpkins, scarves and an extra blanket at night.
wondering :: what life will look like in 12 months.
loving :: everything!  everything.  the waving mailman on his delivery route, the sweet sweet memories made in north dakota last week.  the chill in my toes, the time and patience to cook with things i'd never dream of cooking with before.  the late night texting conversations through all the miles and miles.  seeing hunter walk through the door at 7am with his bike and helmet after biking home from work.  the ability to stop and reflect over all of it.
hoping :: the added boost of creativity i'm searching for to power through a few projects.
marveling :: over this sweet, sweet season in my life.
needing :: to not have 3 dozen cracks and a few good size chunks missing from the face of my phone.
smelling :: the steaming cup of chai to my right.
wearing :: my prom dress!  duh. stretchy pants and my cozy zip up.
following :: a plethora of beautiful and inspiring vegan/raw vegans on instagram.  whenever i need an extra inspiration to reach for the fresh fruits and veggies vs the chips and salsa, they are always there for me with their bright crisp photos and reminders!
noticing :: the annoyingly ugly short layer my hairdresser gave me a month ago starting to slowly grow out into a bit of normalcy.
thinking :: about all the transformations that have taken place inside and outside in the past 6 months.
feeling :: lucky in love.  love from family, friends, boyfriends, neighbors, strangers. you name it.  
bookmarking :: party decorations + ideas for a party i don't plan to throw.  pinterest wins again.
opening :: a bottle of whiskey this evening for hot toddy's!  out with the boring boxed wine, in with the fancy seasonal drinks.
giggling :: at myself more often than not.
feeling :: growth.


  1. this one was fun to read! Reminds of those old surveys we would do on myspace do you remember those?!???!???!!