Saturday, September 7, 2013

Labor{less} Day 2013!

We had a refreshingly relaxed weekend filled with a 5k race, moseying from town to town looking for everything and nothing in particular.  We poked through the Blackberry Festival on the boardwalk right near our condo.  We enjoyed an evening with my market family.  We slept in, ate hot oatmeal with the breeze floating in from our patio while drinking endless cups of tea.  We combed the harbor in the afternoons, and again in the evenings.

After extending Hunter's contract 2 separate times, we now know that we'll be leaving Bremerton and headed back for CO/WY around the 2nd week in October { tear! }  With that little nugget in mind, these weekends that we have to poke around Bremerton and relax with our friends have felt even sweeter than ever before.  Though we didn't climb any 14'ers this year, I know that I'll keep this Labor Day very near and dear to my heart all the same.

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  1. I'll take that blanket on the top right in size large please! Spanks! PS. 5k HOLLAAA!