Thursday, September 5, 2013

Instagram Rejects.

Ever take a photo with the strongest intensions of it landing on your IG feed?  Then when it comes time to hit publish you realize it'd be the 3rd fruit/juice/ocean view photo you would have posted that week?  Then hit cancel even though you love the photo?  Me too.  I introduce to Instagram Rejects!

:: my friend kay gifted h and i a gianmorous bag of these deliciously juicy plums and they were gone in roughly 24 hours.  by far the best fruit i had all summer ::

:: i thought about being a real asshole and posting this with the question "and what are YOU doing on this monday at 3pm?" but decided i liked my friends and would rather keep them ::

:: my before-i-chop-it photo! ::

:: MY AMIE CAME TO VISIT for about 4 days, and the recap of her trip will be long and amazing.  also, hi lo makes am smile ::

:: finally tracked down my birthday gift from mary!  fedex can be so temperamental  ::

:: mint basil lemon infused water - the taste of summer! ::

:: cheersing 30 years of my mary in a slight depression i couldn't attend her amazing sparkle party festivities! ::

:: once you brunch with local farmers and cook ONLY local grown foods, it's hard to go back... ::

:: my friend julia sure knew how to brighten my birthday and my bike!  ::

:: salsa of the summer - brings back such fond memories of eating this stuff by the spoonful in the summers with my sister growing up! ::

:: andrea's tomato display was off the charts amazing this past sunday! ::

:: cotton candy sky.  my ig feed needs another photo with this view almost as badly as it needs another photo of a juice/veggie/fruit combo ::

:: hense why this beet juice gem didn't get posted ::
:: happiest ::

:: a guilt free moscow mule after our 25mile bike trek throughout seattle yesterday!  after logging that many miles, pretty much anything you consume is guilt free. ::

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