Wednesday, January 28, 2015

bucket list // hot air balloon ride!

While Hunt and I were in CA for Christmas, my mom had planned many, many big and small things for us to do!  We were mapping out our weekend plans and my mom was acting super vague about what we had planned on Sunday.  She kept saying "Well we can't drink too much on Saturday night because we have something we are all going to on Sunday morning."  Truthfully, I first thought she was talking about early morning mass, so I didn't think too much about it.  It wasn't until my dad started chiming in, and anyone who knows my dad knows he is so not smooth with secrets, that I knew something was up aside from church.  Saturday night we went to Ontario for a hockey game { they were playing the Colorado Eagles! }, and on our drive back to Temecula I was grilling my mom for clues.  She really kept quiet and all she told us was that we wouldn't have time for coffee or breakfast in the morning and that we had to leave around 6:15am.  At first I thought we were going to San Diego for a breakfast whale watching trip and then I thought maybe we were taking the train somewhere?  Like a South Pole Christmas breakfast trip?  Seriously, Hunter and I were both clueless.  What threw me was that we had to leave the house at 6:15am, but I knew the event had to meet at 6:30am.  Well it also threw me that we weren't having coffee before we left because in the Summerfield house, coffee always comes first.  So my dad, mom, Hunter and I all pile into the car for a quick 15 minute drive and end up at the wineries…which even further confused the hell out of me because we like wine, but wine at 6:00am?  At this point my mom was crazy cute ridiculously giddy.  I knew we had to be doing something fun.  And not just 6:00am wine tasting fun.  

When we arrive at our designation, we turn the corner and I see a truck with a trailer pulling this giant basket/bucket thing.  I immediately think it's a hot tub and we are taking a tour of the wineries by hot tub { though it sounds so amazing we can say it together WTF Beth?! }  Back in the day, Hunter used to work for a hot air balloon company here in Steamboat, so he recognized the gear right off the bat.  It took me a little longer to fully come up to speed. { But I didn't bring my bathing suit, mom?!  was still vibrating through my head up until realizing what we were doing. } 

I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but needless to say we had an absolutely amazing time!

Our balloon was loosely inspired by Anastasia and without a question my favorite part was looking up the balloon and seeing the cute little at that veeeeery top!  The ride lasted about 90 minutes and after we landed { almost in someone's backyard! }, we had our traditional champagne toast { yes, at like 8:30am! } and ended up at at South Coast Winery for brunch.  We were so giddy with the overall experience and had the best time recapping our favorite parts!…and not so favorite parts.  Because Hunter has chased hundreds of balloons before, he's heard the spiel that the balloon guys give the crowds, well hundreds of times.  Haha!  

I feel so lucky to have completed 2 things on my bucket list within a week!  I really think my favorite part of the entire ride was watching my mom's face - she was having the most fun and her face was lit up in excitement the entire time!

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