Thursday, January 15, 2015

the sweet season :: broken down v.5

making :: the effort to put my phone down more in the mornings and evenings.
cooking :: this curry spaghetti squash dish tonight and I'm so excited to see if it turns out as good as the photo looks! { update; i made the curry spaghetti squash dish for dinner last night and it!!!  i will most certainly make it again and strongly encourage all you spaghetti squash + curry lovers out there to make it as well! }
drinking :: tea.  you guys - so.much.tea.  chamomile tea, yerba mate tea, licorice tea, white grapefruit tea, and most recent favorite pangaea tea!  i start drinking tea after my 1 cup of coffee each morning and truly don't quit until i pour myself my last cup of tea at bedtime.  quick funny/pathetic/annoying story:  my mom buys me a bag or two of loose leaf tea every year as a stalking stuffer.  last week i brought it into the break room at work with me to pour into my tea infuser and some pothead guy who was also in the break room commended me on bring my pot to work to roll a joint.  I MEAN, REALLY?!  A) do you not know me? B) at work?  and C) just because we live in colorado does not mean we all smoke the pot, people.
reading :: waiting for snow in havana for mary and my book club - it was recommended to me from hunter and was recommended to hunter from his mom!  super excited about this one.  I'm also reading rushed on the side and i'm not totally sure how i feel about this one quite yet.
wanting :: a weekend off that could be spent in steamboat with no plans.  one would think this wouldn't be too hard to achieve, right?!
looking :: through photos from an emotionally charged yet painfully perfectly fulfilling weekend.
wasting :: time daydreaming with my head in the clouds.
learning :: to better manage my expectations with myself, my relationships and my friendships.
wishing ::  i had more snacks at work.
enjoying :: working it out with my steamboat friends!  i recently created a "sisterhood of the traveling gym shorts" facebook group for all of us to post weekly class and workout schedule so we can all work out together.  it has been great motivation for everyone and there has been a really fantastic response.  i've loved working out with everyone these past few weeks - mornings, noon and nights!
waiting :: for this week long headache/migrane to fade.
liking :: the chilly days/evenings.  our house gets awfully cold in the evenings but honestly it's just how we like it.  cup of hot tea bundled up by the fire and crawling into bed with our quilts/wool blankets is what this winter is made of!
playing :: the have a great day! playlist on spotify.
wondering :: what life will look like in 6 months, 10 months and 12 months.
loving :: frozen banana, almond milk and cacao powder smoothies.  i've been having one of these for breakfast or lunch daily and i can not get over how delicious it is.  it tastes exactly like a frosty from wendy's!
hoping :: to remember little details throughout these first few days and weeks of 2015 that in my opinion is moving by
marveling :: at my christmas present from hunter.  i was completely awed and floored when i opened it.  it's been living on our stovetop because it's just too pretty to store out of sight.  i've made one batch of soup in it and have a few other recipes up my sleeve.  name pending and suggestions welcome.
smelling :: my rose geranium lotion from ranch organics here in steamboat.  this was gifted to me for my birthday and is one of my favorite scents that i own.
wearing :: a leopard scarf that i bought in california!
noticing :: when i sit down to meal plan, all i want to make { and consume } are soups!  i love soup.  i want to make my very veggie chili and thai coconut curry soup again soon and am eyeing this little number for dinner tonight while hunt is at work.
knowing :: that i've now written about three curry dishes in this point.  yes, i realize we have a curry obsession/problem.
thinking :: of a new blog series { i use that term loosely as we all know i'm not that great at keeping up with writing blog series } where i post some fruits and veggies i've been eating throughout the week with their corresponding health benefits.  i think writing about it would be it would be a good way for me to fully absorb their nutrients { pun intended }.  i want to use this little blurb from my girl crush laura miller as inspiration.
feeling :: energized!  we bought some green superfood powder in bulk and i mixed some in with my lemon water this morning.  i am feeling that green boost for sure!
bookmarking :: steamboat pilates and fitness workout schedule.  hunter gifted me a month unlimited and i've been sneaking in every pilates and yoga class that my schedule { and sore body! } allows.
opening :: my eyes to options both big and small.
giggling :: at friends.  i've checked out seasons 1-8 { hunter was thrilled } from our library over the past 6 months and i've now turned to watching season 9 and 10 on netflix.  i've loved watching it from start to finish.  it had been years since i've seen a full episode and the entire show is so much more silly and entertaining than i had remembered.
needing :: to get back to work.  zoikes!

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  1. let me first off say, i love this post. second, i like the idea of your new blogging series, it might help me choose some different produce when at the store. third, that man of your's is pretty much perfect. I have been dreaming of owning a Le Creuset for years. Love love!