Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blog crushes.

A few months ago, I bet you I was subscribed to around 200 blogs.  TWO HUNDRED blogs.  Fashion blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs, photography blogs, graphic design name it.  I noticed that I would catch myself ignoring more and more of the fashion blogs, big name photography blogs, dullsville lifestyle blogs { harsh, but true }, and reading more fitness blogs, food blogs and honest/uplifting lifestyle blogs.  Since that realization, I have slowly been unsubscribing from the blogs that offer zero obtainable inspiration to my life, and paying more attention to the blogs that inspire me to cook more, workout more, and just all around create more.  Here are a few of my current blog crushes.

If I could...
I would kick my day off right and go for a morning run with the inspirational and beautiful Bobbi { of nHerShoes }.
I would live next door to sweet Drea { of ohdeardrea }, and enjoy a plethora of vegan(!!!!!) cooking parties with her and her insanely beautiful daughter a few times a week.
I would bring a bottle of wine over to Kristen's { of KV's Confessions } and we'd drink it while we brainstorm, vent and discuss the life of a Graphic Designer.
I would stop by Ashley's { of Adventures of Newlyweds } with some hot chocolate and curl up with her way cute pup in their immaculate and perfectly Christmas decorated home while she shares the ups and downs and secret to success of life with a traveling doctor.
I would grab Hunter, our mountain bikes and meet up with Anna { of Life is Sweet } and her husband for a day of mountain biking and end the day with a brewery tour or 3.
I would spent a week with Jules and her amazing accent { of Stonesoup }, and get to see with my eyes how beautiful her cooking is, not just via video.
I would hope to bump into Natalie { of Nat the Fat Rat } on the subway, so I could tell her that her little boy with his old man sweaters and shoes is THE definition of swoon-worthy.
I would go furniture thrift shopping with Sherry & John { of Young House Love } and watch how they turn thrift store duds to chic and modern home decorations.
I would bring Elise { of Elise Blaha :: enJOY it } a congratulations baby gift, and hope against all hope that she would give me a tour of her glorious craft room.

These are just a small handful of the blogs I can't get enough of right now, but I can't bombard you with all of them at once now can I?  If you have any blogs you simply can't live without, I'd love for you to leave them in the comments!

Enjoy your day, friends!


  1. Oh man like I needed more amazing blogs to check out! Great list

    1. Hi Anne! Speaking of checking out amazing blogs, I had the most fun time paging through your blog! Congrats on your little boy cooking away, what a fun video. I hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by!