Monday, December 10, 2012


I've been thinking a lot over the weekend how to prepare for the week ahead.  The ending to the 5.5 years I've dedicated to work.  It's no question that I have problems detaching.  Detaching from routines, people, buildings, traditions.  However, what I've realized is I've been spending far too much time and energy focusing on how to detach, and all of the 'lasts' that will come with this week, and not nearly enough time focusing on the 'firsts' that I'll encounter in the weeks and months ahead.  I'm going to give myself one final moment of mourning on the lasts before really opening my week to letting in all of the firsts ahead.

I don't need to post them all, because you people will think I'm a Stage 1 Nut Job with how sentimental I am to the little things that go on during the week, but here are some of really my most favorite things that I will miss about work at CS:

I'll miss walking in to work on Monday mornings and spending a solid 15 { at times 45 } minutes catching up with my department + coworkers on what everyone did over the weekend, Broncos game scores, nights out on the towns, dinners cooked in.  I'll miss the effortless and solid friendships we've created.

I'll miss walking through the Sales Floor to ask Andy a quick question, and returning 45 minutes later to my desk after stopping at Megan, Kristen, Amy, Phil and Jaime's desks with a fist full of sourdough pretzels/Jelly Beans/Mike & Ikes.

I'll miss the one-liners that are shot around our office on a day to day...scratch that hour to hour basis.  My department and coworkers are some of the funniest, most clever and yes, at times stupid yet endlessly entertaining people ever.

I will miss hearing a nickname called out with my back to the walking traffic and know who it was.  I'll miss knowing the footsteps that round the corner and can call out an hello before the person approaches my desk.  I'll miss hearing a "psssst" in my hear, and shooting my fist out behind me to pound it out with Dennis all without turning around.

I will miss the pure genius that is my boss, and being let in on a sliver of his creativity when he will allow it.  I'll miss hearing him talk through campaign ideas, new traditions to occupy our department, and my very most favorite; his own jokes he tries out on us.

After rereading this, it's alarmingly obvious to me that what I will miss most about this job is the people, rather than the work.  But like I said before, I'll be excited to watch my now coworkers, turn into pretty solid  and kick ass friends.


  1. Stage one nut job. LOL I'm going to use that. Not on you, of course...other people.

  2. Beth... if you ever need any copies of the great work you turned out to put into your profile, I will be happy to send you any documents after you leave. In all honesty, I will miss the 15-60 minute chat sessions at your desk that take place 4 out of 5 days a week. I will miss our endless IM's about absolutely nothing and being able to look each other in the eye and know exactly what the other person is thinking. I will miss you and the part of me you are taking with you when you leave.

  3. *I'LL* miss/already miss sitting in that awful dungeon in production with you guys shooting the shit, talking about TV shows, watching Docksey talk at me and all the weird dates I've been on.