Monday, December 3, 2012


::WORKING ON:: The endless amount of to do lists and misc sign requests that come with the opening of Snowy this weekend!  We had the absolute best and most successful weekend, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it went.  I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I am so very painfully proud of Hunter, his brother and dad for the countless hours that they've poured their talent and hard work into seeing Saturday go off without a hitch, and to say their efforts were recognized and appreciated couldn't be a bigger understatement.  

::THINKING ABOUT:: What a whirlwind life has been the last 2+ weeks, and how it really isn't going to calm down anytime soon.  I had a wonderful time in California with my family for a week celebrating all things wonderful and thankful, worked a short week and then headed up to Snowy for opening weekend.  The amount of suitcases in my bedroom that need to be unpacked and put away { three }, mixed with how many loads of laundry I have to catch up on { probably closer to four }, then throw in the severe lack of grocery shopping leaving my cupboards sorry, sad and empty looking really should encourage me to stay in more...but where's the fun in that?!

::ANTICIPATING:: Being done with work in less than 2 weeks!  My boss is always asking me "What are you doing to prepare for this?  How are you getting yourself ready?" and I would always blow him off saying, "Oh Alex, I'm FINE!"  The closer it gets, the more I see he really has a point.  To just one day be done with a lifestyle I've known for 5 1/2 years isn't something I'll adjust to overnight, but with the promise of a new, challenging and exciting future will surely soften the blow.

::LISTENING TO:: On nonstop repeat during work for me is handsome Paul and his lovely wife, the sweetest of sweet sisters and the most charming drunk man I ever did see.

::EATING:: Subway veggie salads.  I am on a ROLL with these lately, and don't see the obsession dying down anytime soon.  You can get AS MANY VEGGIES AS YOU WANT in one lovely salad bowl for $5.  AND, when I ask for extra jalapeno's and banana peppers, they aren't shy which is a heat loving, salad eating person's dream.  I crave their Sweet Onion sauce, and finally took the time to research how to make it for myself!  I found the recipe here, and want to try and modify it a bit to make it more vegan friendly { byebye buttermilk powder! } and less corn syrup heavy.

::THANKFUL FOR::  A busy week packed with tree decorating, happy hours,  dinners and Christmas celebrations!  I have helped Jon decorate his tree every single year I can remember since moving to Colorado, and he was sweet enough to postpone from decorating it this weekend to tonight so I can participate!!  I have quite possibly packed more into one week than I really should { sorry suitcases and've waited this long, you can wait another week. }, but am rip roaring ready for making some lovely memories with my fancy friends.

::PLANNING FOR:: Goodbye's and fresh starts.  Enough said.

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