Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bottoms up! Holiday style.

I have a girlfriend's Christmas Cookie Exchange this week, but with my non-dairy eating habits, it's hard for me to attend something like this and properly participate.  Instead of bringing cookies, I have volunteered to bring holiday cocktails!  I'm having so much fun looking up recipes...but I'm having more fun with planning how to present said holiday cocktails.  I saw this picture on Pinterest, and immediately knew this was how
I was going to serve them!

::pinterest is blocked at work, so I can't properly site this image, but will when i get home!::
SO CUTE RIGHT?!  Right.  I'll run and pick up the supplies this week, but until then I'm looking up what to put inside these insanely cute little glasses.  So far I have found:




Which one looks best to you?  My mom served that Poinsettia drink at Christmas 3 years ago, and it was deeeeeeelicious!  Any delicious, pretty and fancy holiday cocktails you want to share?  
Cheers, friends!

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