Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goodbye, Venice.

Sh!ts getting real folks.

Today, I received a notification that Alex, my boss, has canceled our monthly meeting.  Anyone who knows Alex, isn't the least bit surprised he'd write such a detailed description of our meeting place in Venice which was really just a little Italian cafe a few blocks down. I will so miss Alex flying by my desk saying "Beth.  I simply can't go to Italy with you today.  Can we re-schedule our flights until tomorrow?", and I will miss "meetings" where we discuss camping, traveling, family and relationships...then in the final 5 minutes hear him say "So.  I guess we should talk about work.  All is good?  Good."

I have a feeling that these won't be the last "Italy" coffee dates that Alex and I have, rather the next time we meet it will be to discuss life at a ski area, swapping stories of how life has changed since we've last spoke and really discussing the furthest thing from work.  It's pretty cool knowing someone you once called a boss, you will soon call a friend.

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