Monday, December 10, 2012

"If you ever have a vegan you want to impress..."

I said that to Sara last night, and she didn't even let me finish my sentence before busting out laughing.  Once we finished our fit of giggles, I finished my thought:

If you ever have a vegan you want to impress, take them to Sputnik for brunch.

No truer words have ever been uttered.

Mary and I met for a Bethless Maryosa brunch yesterday { I understand that's probably only funny to us, so thanks for putting up with it. }, which was the 2nd time I'd been there for brunch.  Hunter and I went a few weeks back and I don't think either of us spoke during our meals because we were THAT busy inhaling them.  I had the Stacks of Vegan Power, while Hunter { shockingly } got the breakfast burrito   When Mary and I went yesterday, I really didn't think the brunch there couldn't get any better.  Then, I ordered the v option of the South Broadway Hash while Mary got their Hangover Scramble { which was fitting because she was like so hungover.  Like wearing clothes from the night before, barely found her way to brunch hungover. }  { ok again, I understand that's only funny to non-hungover Mary and I, so thanks yet again for putting up with it. } and my theory was proven wrong.  I was thinking all throughout the night how I could recreate the hash, and I think I'm pretty close to figuring it out.  My latest vegan obsession is any version of Soyrizo...seriously I could eat it with any and every meal.  This Sputnik hash had a really killer mushroom soyrizo + a tofu scramble I completely loved.  And for a picky tofu eater, that really says a lot for how good it is!  Anyway, go to Sputnik for brunch and most def get a Ghost Pepper Vodka Bloody Mary, or their pitcher of mimosas and let me know what you think.  Added bonus?  The wait staff gives off juuuuuuuuust enough asshole-I-couldn't-care-less vibe to where you really feel at home.

Admittedly, both times I've been too excited to eat the food than photograph it, but here is a photo peek of the Ghost Pepper Bloody + pitcher of Maryosas.

After looking at their website further, I'm sure their dinner options are primo too but as far as impressing a vegan for dinner, I'll suggest City o City every time.

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