Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bookworm Beth.

I've mentioned it a few times now how I've really done nothing but read so far in 2013, and wanted to take a few minutes to actually list out what I've been reading!

The Contortionist's Handbook
This read reminded me of A Million Little Pieces with more of an edge.  At first I thought it was going to be a book strictly about substance abuse, but the storyline had so much more depth and complexity to it.  I would consider rereading this book again knowing what the underlying theme is all about, but I loved it the first time through.  I finished this book in California as we were driving to the beach { Yeah, I'm really fun to be with on vacation.  Reading constantly.  Weeehoo. }, and when I read the last page, I screamed in the car "WHAT???...!!!!  NO.  WHAT DID THE LETTER SAY?!"

Little Bee { also known as The Other Hand }
This was a book I'd had on my nightstand for longer than I care to admit.  I had actually forgot it in California when I was there for Thanksgiving, which is really the only reason I actually started reading it.  I will say, I'm glad it was my last resort for a book, because once I started, I just had to finish right away.  I was so annoyed at the description on the book which really said nothing about what the book was about, but now that I've read it, I have a deeper appreciation for the vague description!  This set the stage for a more serious, African refugee theme that the next two books to follow Little Bee would have, too.  

A Thousand Splendid Suns
My cousin Becky, { Hi Beck! } suggested The Kite Runner + A Thousand Splendid Suns to me this past summer.  I finished The Kite Runner right away, but took a break from reading and didn't pick up A Thousand Splendid Suns for a few months.  I thought I was so ahead of the times as far as these books went, but when I told Mary and Hunter that I had ordered them from Amazon, they both said oh so casually "Oh yeah.  I read those a few years ago.  I have them if you want to borrow them."  Yeah.  Not so much up on the book trend, but better late than never?  Anyway, a few weekends ago when we were in Denver { RIP Broncos season }, I had finished Little Bee Saturday night and started reading Splendid Suns on our 3 hour drive to Steamboat on Sunday.  I read every single mile of the way, and was IMMEDIATELY hooked!  Even after we got to Steamboat, I  passed on running errands/getting groceries for dinner { when do I EVER pass on going grocery shopping?!  When I have a good book. That's when. } and squeezed as much reading into the day as I could without being rude and ignoring the conversation at the dinner table.  I know I could have finished this in one day, but I wanted to spare Hunter trying to sleep with the lamp on until 1am, but successfully finished it the next day.  And successfully la-oved it.

After finishing Splendid Suns, I felt a wave of reading depression as I hadn't grabbed any more books from Denver to bring to Snowy/Steamboat. I was already planning a trip to the bookstore in Laramie while I was walking up the stairs at Hunter's parents house and walked next to his mom's beautiful collection of books. I saw Middlesex, instantly dropped to my knees, slowly pulled it off the shelf in awe and barely whispered "Hunterrrrrrrrr...Mary LOVES THIS BOOK."  That really was my only reason for wanting to desperately to read it and he casually just says to me "You can read any of those books, as long as you return them with no late fees."  WAIT.  What?!  I can read ANY OF THESE BOOKS?  I didn't give him time to retract that statement and think about the fact that in a 3 hour drive all conversation is thrown out the window and I say maybe maximum 5 words to him as I'm reading the ennnntire time.  I just now realized that could in fact be why he is letting me read any of his mom's hundreds of books, but I'm ignoring that revelation.  Anyhoodle, Middlesex is a longer, more complex read than the ones above.  Knowing my track record with reading times leading up to Middlesex, Mary would text "ARE YOU DONE WITH MIDDLESEX YET???" an hour after I told her I had started reading it.  It pained and shamed me to say no, I'm not done yet...but a week spent reading this book was a week perfectly spent.  It was a little bit of a slow start to me and I was confused why they were talking about wars, and depression and people who clearly weren't the main plot of what I thought the book was to be about.  However, after a few chapters, I forgot all about that and got so wrapped up in that plot I was a little annoyed when it got to the main storyline.  I don't want to say too much about the book's story, because it's really not something you can explain.  Remember those 3 hours spend in the snow cat with Hunter?  The only thing that could tear my eyes from the pages was that steller sunset.  I had the book heavy on my brain when we sat down for some drinks with friends after grooming the mountain.  They casually asked me what I do in there for 3 hours, and after I told them I throw on a headlamp, grab my book and am good to go, of course they asked "What are you reading?" { mind you these are people I had just met 10 minutes prior to the question. } I tell them Middlesex in a really sincere hope at least ONE of them had heard about it. No such luck, so the next question is "Ahh.  What's it about?" Shit.  "It's about a hermaphrodite."  I had 6 eyes staring at me blankly and judgingly.  Though we moved on quickly, I did notice that no one asked me any more personal questions the entire time we were with them, aaaaaaand I can't say I blame them.

Next up?   

Life of Pi.
Ohhhhh Life of Pi, { Karley, cover your eyes } why have I been dreading you/putting you off for so long?  I seriously have heard every review of this book possible.  I've heard:
I never finished it.
It's Robby's #1 FAVORITE BOOK.
OMG That is one of Ryan and my all time favorite books!!!
Ugh, I've had that on my nightstand and keep picking new books to read before it.
Life of Pi?  I hated that book.

I really am looking forward to reading it, and figuring out my own opinion of it and will keep you updated as I do just that!

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