Saturday, January 5, 2013

California Trip - Insta Style! { Part 1 }

My uncle picked me up at 5am square on the dot for our long { long, long, long } road trip south to CA for the holidays.  We've had ourselves many a road trip to North Dakota together, so we really had our routine down.  My dad is sending me the photos he snapped on his camera of the 2 week vacation soon, but until then, enjoy my Christmas trip along with me via Instagram photos!

Beaaaautiful New Mexico.

Beaaaaautiful'er Arizona

Mesa Arizona's city lights that saved my sanity.

Great Uncle John declared 2pm Happy Hour.  Chips/salsa and scotch not pictured. { I love him. }

Sunday morning orange picking before our final leg to California!

My mom's out of this world cuteness leaving Secret Santa gifts for me in the car for our final hour drive from my uncle's house to our house!

Some people dream of a White Christmas.  We were dreaming of a rainy Christmas!

Secret Santa cuteness continues.

Wishing my naughty AND nice friends a very Merry Christmas!

If the wine charm fits...

Old Town San Diego sipping!

{ Knockoff } Sunglasses twinsies!

2013 Mantra

We coud NOT buy these as fast as I was eating them.  #tangerineobsessed

My favorite thing we did the entire trip; pasta making!  It was an all hands on deck kinda deal.

Wine tasting.  What else?!

Bootiful California!

First day I felt like I was back to my old ways!  Green Monster, outside core workout + pho with my momma.  Loved this day.

Was feeling needy and sad about only seeing Hunter 8 days in all of December, so I splashed his face all over my feed to make myself feel better.

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