Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Home, home on the { Snowy } Range...

...where the foxes and the Charlie'ssss playyyy.

Yeah. That just happened.  And I can't promise it won't happen again.

Life up at Snowy has been pretty much everything we anticipated it to be.  As I'm typing this, Charlie is crawling all over Hunter attempting to take off his boots, but ultimately ending in a giant RAWRRRRR in frustration/distraction and demanding "Hunter.  Chase.  Now!!!", Chloe is sitting across the table singing as loud as her pretty little lungs will allow.  Snowmobiles are zooming past outside, phones are ringing.  Legos are spread from here to timbucktwo.  The radios are going off like crazy with ski lesson requests.  The dog is eating Charlie's leftover cheese snack

It's loud.  It's chaotic.  And it's everything that we signed up for when deciding to move up to Snowy.

The days have been one big haze of coffee brewing, skiing { more Hunter, less me. } snow fall, cooking, late nights at the lodge, beer brewing, { beer drinking }, early mornings and late nights, color book coloring.  Many days I don't meet up with the shower until 10am, and many more days the staff in the admin office see me in my pj's still with bedhead at 8:30am.  Oops.  I can't say how good it feels to finally be up here.  The lasts are all over.  Last day of work.  Last dinner party at the house.  Last day in CA.  All the lasts that ultimately lead to the first week at Snowy.  It's easy to have all the days melt into one big day and I am quite alright with that.  We do have a few quick trips planned; tonight we'll head to Laramie for dinner then a basketball game with friends.  We will head into Denver this weekend for a Broncos playoff game, then a weekday trip to Steamboat next week.  Life is slow, and life is content...and I couldn't find one single thing to complain about if I tried.

I have to sign off for now, because I'm on beautiful baby duty, and it really is difficult to type with one hand and a squirmy baby.  That and the curious 3 year old next to me trying to "fix it!! fix it!"  it being my computer, and fix being the wrenches he's banging together.  For the sake of my computer and it's longevity, I need to put computer away for now.  We have been snapping photos here and there, so I'll be back when I get those on my computer.

Cheers fun friends!

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