Tuesday, October 29, 2013

insta{nt} replay.

I've put the breaks on my instagram posting the past few weeks, but here are a few recents I'd love to share!

^^^ oregon sunrise / subway romance

totes coates instamoment! / fruits of linds labor ^^^

^^^ broncos, beer and my babe / dreamboat sights

a perfect day with mary, friends and thousands of laughs / my mountain man. mine ^^^

^^^ we tolerate fruits and veggies ; ) / two lucky pennies in one day?!  #imma'bouttogetlucky

my forever friends / mother's input on our mouse issue #sendneedlesandyarn ^^^


  1. Looove all these, especially all the Fall-ish ones!! xoxo

  2. love all of them! I'm glad you don't publish screen shots of our conversations sometimes cause I think we would both go to jail.