Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kale me Maybe!

I think we've gathered over the months and years that I love me a good cooking show, cooking YouTube channel, and those who have a deep knowledge and appreciation for whole and pure foods etc etc.  I've been reading up more and more on not just vegan cooking, but also reading into the raw vegan lifestyle.  It isn't something I necessarily think I want/could do daily, but I would say it definitely peaks my interest.  Here are a few vegan/raw vegans that I can't get enough of lately.  And by can't get enough of, I mean watch their videos in bed for a few { 60+ } minutes.

Fully Raw Kristina.  Much love to this teeny tiny woman who after posting on any of her social media sites gets a lashing out of criticism.  She handles each of them so gracefully and poses questions to the critics which support her lifestyle and really make you think!  I love watching her recipe videos and get so much inspiration for our daily juices/smoothies.  This girl is who she is, and doesn't ever apologize for it.  YouTube//Facebook//Instagram

Banana Girl!  What I love most about her isn't just her excitement over eating 10-30 bananas a day { whaaa?! }, but I love just listening to her talk and her enthusiasm for spreading her knowledge and busting all the myths associated with a raw diet.  I also really love that she includes squat challenges in her videos knowing we are all sitting down and probably slouching over computers all day!

Megan Elizabeth Really, really great and easy raw recipes here, too.  Something about watching these people make their raw meals makes it far less intimidating to me!

The Fitchen  Sometimes Raw, Mostly Vegan, Always Delicious.  I really freaking adore their tagline and would love to someday fit that bill.  Lovely photos and easy to follow recipes.  Facebook//Website//Instagram

Sidesaddle Kitchen I most def saved the best for last on this one.  I found Sidesaddle Kitchen's Raw.  Vegan.  Not Gross. segment on Tastemade through a YouTube ad before one of Fully Raw Kristina's videos.  I love this girl, you guys.  Love her.  Her humor, her attitude, her outfits, her love for vegetables, her love/hate for eating raw, her humor and her humor.  I sent her to my Vegan BFF Lindsey, and she writes back "She reminds me so much of you!  Especially her sense of humor."  Which brought her like 47 notches up on my Vegan BFF list.  Who am I kidding, Linds is already #1 on my Vegan BFF list.  Okay we are talking about that fake list for too long.  CLICK THROUGH TO SIDESADDLE KITCHEN.

I've done a few 100% raw days, I've done a few eat-raw-until-dinner days and I really love it.  I feel so light, energized and quick on my feet.  Something Sidesaddle Kitchen talks about is how she isn't trying to convert any of her followers into being a raw vegan, rather think about incorporating more and more raw plant based meals into our days.  Something else I always get from these videos/posts is HYDRATION.  I always go and drink like 3L of water after watching these beautiful people.  *Thanks for putting up with my love story for vegan/raw eating even if it isn't what you believe in or chose to practice!



  1. Have you had enough of my raw humor?

  2. I hope you're not getting a raw deal out of this.

    1. I hate you so hard right now. Yet can't stop laughing.

    2. I was afraid I would be auto-banned from your blog for spamming.