Tuesday, October 8, 2013

T minus 28 hours.

We've got a day and some change left in Bremerton. This move has tested me more emotionally than it has mentally and physically. { I sweat typing out physically remembering my last last last move from my old apt to Sara's and thinking of those 62 steps one way to get downstairs. Oy.  Talk about being tested physically. I remember Hunter and I contemplating far too seriously how it would work to throw my bed out the window vs hauling it down the stairs. Anyway. } I'm going tp pull a classic Beth and make a list of 5 favorites/things I'm thankful for. These lists don't just get me through my moves { I'm typing this from our balcony on my phone and don't have energy to hyperlink to my past lists throughout my moving years. Just trust they exist. } but I love looking back on them and smiling at what I was most grateful for during that time. 

1. The sun. Silly as it sounds, it's been hiding from us for a week or two but since Sunday it hasn't gone away. I remember Julia commenting at the Sunday market saying "Where did this sunshine come from?" And then winking on the sly: "It must have came out for you, Beth." It's given me a reason to sit on our balcony for a few final times and soak in the vitamin D like I did so, so many times this summer. It also lights up the sky and the water, trees, grass, boats in a way the cool overcast days can't. Beautiful. 

2. New friends.  Kay threw me a very incredibly wonderful going away party this past weekend. It was so beautiful to watch relationships deepen right before my eyes. Watching friends who maybe only knew each other 2 days a week transition to endless laughs and tears into the wee hours of the nights, and then again the very next day.  I love that feeling of just KNOWING you are creating memories you'll remember and talk about years and years down the road. 

3. Old friends. The promise of craft nights, book clubs. Pho dates and happy hours. The thrill of knowing you'll see the people who have stood by your side for years and years in a few short weeks is exhilarating and is what is keeping my emotions and tears at bay while moving from this beautiful wonderland. 

4. Hunter. Duh. My rock and go-to for each an every insane emotion that passes through my mind in trying times like these. He listens. He hugs. He talks it out. And he helps. All without judgement. 

5. Bremerton. A town we once quickly labeled as rundown and slightly ghetto has proven itself in its endless beauty and love. From the people, the views, landscape to water. I will leave a piece of my heart here in a few 28 hours. But the glory is I know it will be well tended to while I'm away. 


  1. Aww love! So happy I got to get a peek of Bremerton - even if I didn't see this supposed sun you talk about! Love you lots & can't wait too SEE you soon!

  2. I know there is a lot you will miss but I am pretty sure none of it compares to the amount I miss you. Get your ass back here ASAP!