Saturday, February 26, 2011

{ Enter clever verb, adjective & noun here. }

Friday night Wine Club + errands and packing for 10 hours + 14 boxes taped up ready for their new home = Beth's brain mush and an incredibly underwhelming blog post.


These photos make me smile way to much not to post.  Anyone need a good packing partner?  Mary comes highly recommended.  Just make sure you have a pile full of donations she can sort though, ice cream to snack on, OnDemand to keep her company and the Wall Street Journal to read (which happened to have an article about GoFar!  Who knew?).

We did pay a visit to The Spot which I will always hold near and dear to my heart.  It has become a staple late night bar for when my parents are in town and held many a Phase 10 tournament for us.  Also the perfect place to walk over to for a good bowl of chili, beer and football game on any given Sunday!  (Whoa - that sounds like the perfect title for a movie.)  Mary and I enjoyed a few salads and some soda water that really helped us power through our packing slows.  (I hope no one believes that is actually what we ordered.)

I'm finding that I am maybe a little more attached to this apartment and neighborhood than I realized because I really can't quit talking, thinking, blogging and dreaming about me closing up shop on 155 S Penn in just a little shy of a week.  So if you are over reading about it, check back in like 8 days.  Please and thank you.

*I really hope everyone picked up on how much sarcasm was packed into Mary's Need List for packing!  She is a rock-star and I seriously couldn't and wouldn't have started the long road of packing everything up without her!

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  1. I love you (and cable & ice cream & books)! You know the way to my heart!