Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crabby? Naw - but it couldn't hurt.

Favorite 5's.
1. My friends.  I know this is vague and covers more than just 5 people - so technically it might be cheating, but truthfully I don't know how I'd survive without my girls.  From opening their home to 6 slightly intoxicated women for Wine Night, to running monotonous errands with me just so I don't decide to have a random breakdown over where I'll put my towels in my new space, to amazing company for amazing brunch and an amazing surprise of picking up the bill.  I just hope I can give back to them as much they have given to me.

2. Old letters, notes and pictures I'm discovering from up to 10 years ago.  They are such a benchmark for me (good and bad) of how far I've come and how times, (haircuts) and people have changed.

3. Goodwill.  They have taken (aka I've dumped) such a huge amount of hand-me-downs for them in the past 72 hours, and there is still quite a bit more to come.

4. The random beer cans, Mikes Hard Lemonade and beer bottles in my fridge.  I can't move just a singular can of Tecate, so someone has to drink it before next Saturday morning, right?!  Right.

5.  Packing tape.  Seriously, what would I, or anyone else moving for that matter do without it?!

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