Monday, February 21, 2011

You learn something new everyday.

In this case, I've learned several things today....all about myself.  As I'm gearing up for packing up my 1.5 years here at 155 S Penn., I'm just grazing over what I've got now before I go balls to the wall (I've never understood that phrase) and start packing.  Well, during this process, I'm learning that I have a slight obsession in buying in excess on a certain number of things.  I feel like I find them around every corner I take and curse myself out "Do you REALLY need a dozen white tank tops?  4 brown pillows all different fabrics/textures?"  All are listed below and I have a feeling the list will be updated more and more as I start actually packing.

Photo frames.
Wife beaters (zip it, Mary)
Ponytail holders.
Coffee mugs.
Toys for Forks.
Pink workout tanks.
Wine glasses.  (While my darling Mary was helping me pack she was tasked with the daunting task of boxing up my kitchen.  When she first started, she was swooning over my chalkboard wine glasses , but towards the end, and I quote: "ANOTHER. CHALKBOARD. GLASS?  You could invite every one of your Facebook friends over and give them all a glass of wine at the same time."  Fanks for yewr help, Mary!) 
Recyclable grocery bags.
Nail files.
Lip gloss of all colors, shapes and sizes.  I never wear lip gloss.  What the eff, Beth?

Oy.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who picks a certain (or dozen) thing(s) and buys them over and over again?  And over again?  And again?


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