Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yogurt Twins.

Last Friday, Mary and I went to Yogurtland (yeah yeah, we went Thursday, too. Thanks for asking.) and apparently Yogurtland is the place to be on a Friday night because the line was redonkulous.

We were waiting in line when I hear Mary say "Awwww...I love her shoes!!!!....WAIT. BETH. I'm wearing her shoes!!!!" While I'm looking around trying to find who she is talking about, she finally directs me to said loved shoes.

Yes, that's right. My best friend who is twenty eight years young was wearing the same shoes, different color, as an eight year old.

At least she wasn't lusting after a 6 year old's strawberry patterned outfit, which may or may not have happened a few weeks earlier.

I think there are two lessons to be learned here:
{ 1 } We need to quit getting Fro Yo so much.
{ 2 } You are never to old to shop in the children's section.

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