Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reunited, and it feels so good!

Last night we had an unpacking/impromptu Welcome Back to Denver party for JG. Jon being back means a few things:

- Stock in Maker's Mark and Tommy's Thai will go up.
- I will have zero excuse for missing episodes of X Factor/American Idol anymore.
- There is a strong risk for waistline to grow from one too many Benny's/Fat Sully dinners, it will in fact shrink because I'll be guilted into attending Jon's spin classes on the weekends.
- I will never run dry on puppy love again.

The night consisted of:

Puppy love

Laughing at old memories as we'd unpack them

Boxes and more boxes

Laughing at said puppy

Drinking expensive whiskey in plastic cups

Starting out with a system {paper piled up neatly on the right}, then growing to say 'awww screw' it {crinkled piles of packing paper on the left}

And eventually growing tired of being productive, walking to the nearest Mexican restaurant, playing rounds and rounds of What Would You Rather, and being reminded of how necessary good friends really are.

Welcome home, Jonny. : >

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