Thursday, September 22, 2011

Takin’ the good with the bad.

Yesterday was just kind of a ho hum day. Nothing particularly bad happened, it was just kind of filled with waah wahhh’s. I had a few things happen that really p!ssed me off, a few things that made me just sad in general, BUT I also had a handful of little gestures throughout the day that made me smile from ear to ear. They were things that people probably didn’t even know they were doing, really made me check my attitude at the door.

It was the guy who reversed in the middle of the street for me when he saw I needed to back out of my driveway. Strangers at the bus stop who would yell “Miss! You make the entire world brighter!” while walking the pups. Or when my boss and I went to grab lunch from a street vendor, and we ended up walking around downtown for 10 minutes trying to find someone that served sauerkraut because he knows how much I adore it on my brat. It was Chad who called me after his Guy’s Night for a quick goodnight, but then stayed on the phone with me for 25 minutes later just to listen to me vent bitch to him about the icky parts of my day, then gave me such honest and heartfelt advice on how to cope with it all and on TOP of all that, made me laugh so hard I fell into the Silent Laughter Mode and made me completely forget about the icky parts of my day. It was emails from my best friends in Greece sending me pictures of their hotel room view. It was seeing Jon, all his moving boxes and familiar furniture back in Denver and walking into his duplex for the first time hand in hand.

My final story of the day took place last night before Chad called, while I was still pouting and stewing from one of the day’s events. I was cuddled up on the couch with Cooper and a blanket, then went to get up and go run my bath water, when I turn around and see Coop had followed me and was standing in the bathroom doorway. Somehow the blanket was laid perfectly over him like saddle on a horse, almost as if he had put it there himself. It was the funniest, most random thing that I’d seen in AGES, I bet you I laughed out loud for a solid 10 minutes. I tried getting a pix of him, but he was too busy trying to get me to pet him, he wouldn’t really stand still, but you get the idea.

I was so thankful for the laugh though. : >

What made you laugh today??

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