Thursday, September 22, 2011

SpotBot Ad-o-Matic.

A few months ago at work, we had an intern for a few weeks. Let's call him Lunco Boxo.

Okay fine - it wasn't a person. It was our sweet Lesli's lunch bag and the snaps/zipper looked exactly like a face. Well, his cousin has arrived.

Yes thats right. An upside down betatape has been haunting me all day. Tell me you can see the face?!

We have this reoccurring in our office of hiding things at each other's desks. Skittles, Ketchup bottles, business cards, stickies. You name it, we throw it once to annoy the person, then continue to hide it. There is a strong chance when I found SpotBot Ad-o-Matic (don't ask, just please read it in a robot voice) hiding in my plants this afternoon.

There is another strong chance my coworker who hid it (hi K8!) happened to see me jump when I spotted it.

Revenge is mine!

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