Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a thank you.

Hunter and my trip to Steamboat this past weekend was one that I will never, ever, EVER forget.  And also one that I hope we will be talking about with Ryan and Lindsey for years to come.  There isn't just one quick post I can write to do justice to the weekend, so instead I will write a (or several) virtual thank you card(s).

to the aspen trees, thank you for being on your game this weekend.  between the drive from denver to steamboat, the trees surrounding the reception site, the trees hugging us during our outdoor morning yoga session, the trees waving me on during my trail run, the trees framing the bedroom window, and all throughout our long sunday afternoon drive.  thank you, thank you, thank you for being so vibrant and alive with reds, oranges, yellows and a few lingering greens.  to freshies for opening your doors to all the beautiful hearts so close to ryan and lindsey at the rehearsal dinner, thank you.  the food, drinks, setting and atmosphere was spot on perfection.  to the weather on saturday, september 22nd  i wouldn't have asked for you in any other form than you were.  to our morning outdoor yoga session there really was no better way to start the wedding day, so thank you.  completely surrounded  by hundreds of thousands of trees, the warm sunlight on our faces, the sounds of horses, birds and squirrels for days and not to mention the incredible energy that each and every person brought to the session { including lindsey's grandma and mom....swoon! } was unlike any other yoga session i've ever experienced.  scratch that - unlike ANYTHING i've ever experienced.  and how stunning did lindsey look?! srsly.  to the mountain bike ride, hike and trail run thank you for providing each person their own version of outdoor serenity before the wedding chaos struck. actually, to the wedding chaos thank you for being absent the entire day.  zero, zilch, nada.  no bobby pin melt downs, no dress malfunctions, no nothin'.  to the few hours we had with the bride and groom + wedding party before the ceremony thank you for letting us have some downtime with all these beautiful people before people started flooding in.  those moments are some of my favorite moments of the entire weekend.  to the before ceremony reception you set the mood for the entire ceremony, and for that i thank you x100.  you gave all of the guests an opportunity to meet and get to know each other, you cut any last minute tension and you gave us a chance to further enjoy the aspen grove where ryan and linds exchanged their vows.  to the bluegrass band you killed it.  you absolutely killed it. to the wedding ceremony where. do. i. begin.  the music, the whispering of the aspen leaves, the mismatched vintage fabric covering the hay-bales, the glow of the bridal party walking down knowing how fortunate they are to stand up there cheering on r&l, the stalker in the crowd with her cell phone in one hand, and camera in the other not wanting to miss a single moment { guilty }, the kleenex stuffed in h's pants pocket which came in darn good use, the impeccably hand written vows, the tears shed by all, the sweet vintage lace handkerchief grasped by the bride, the friends who were courageous enough to perform live one of the couple's favorite songs, to hunter's shoulder for being my resting place when the emotions were running far too high, to lindsey's beautiful grandma who spoke, the rings that were passed around the crowd to have each of us touch and send our energy into the rings, the staged people in the crowd who shouted out their favorite things about lindsey,  the look on lindsey's face when she heard the wonderful things people had to say about her, the vintage bells we were given out to ring when they had their first kiss...you all fucking nailed it.  to the walk through the trees hand in hand with my love on our way to the reception, thank you for letting us steal a few minutes of our own.  to the bucket of kim crawford sauv blanc thank you for letting me love and hate you all at the exact same time.  love you during the night, hate you come morning.  to the absolutely delightfully delicious hors d'œuvre, you were star of the show for a solid 2 hours.  yeah i'm lookin' at you curried buttnernut squash soup and brie pesto bruschetta.  to the open bar, i have yet to form my opinion about you, but i think you are alright ;) however, to the gentleman serving the open bar, thank you for always having a glass of white wine, and beer ready when you saw h and i approach.  to the floor to ceiling window walls facing the mountain, good gracious you were awesome.  to the dinner with several vegan options, thank you for giving me yet another reason to love linds even more.  to the live band, thank you for changing my mind on live music at weddings.  i don't know how you did it, but you had the dance floor PACKED up until it was time to leave.  to hunter and his dancing shoes, thank you for dancing with me all. night. long.  you really, really are my most favorite dance partner.  to my glass of white wine thank you for joining in on our dancing.  you clearly thought we were having fun because you chose to jump up and dance out of my wine glass every now and again, too.  i hope i didn't make you too dizzy when hunter was spinning me around and around and around, but you looked like you were having a blast.    to my brand spankin' new outfit thank you for still looking cute with food spilled down you, wine spilled on ya, and scuffs on my boots.  now whenever i look down and see those spots and scratches, i will be reminded of a night of pure bliss, joy and love...how can i be mad about that?!  to the stars and clear sky, you painted a perfect canvas for dancing under.  you really were lovely.  to the visual of r&l walking back to their cabin hand in hand at the end of the night, i will never forget you.  to the hot tub once we got back home, could there have been a more perfect way to end the day?  no.  no there wasn't.

Photos to come soon.

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