Friday, September 14, 2012


Oh week, week, week.  You have been way good to me....daresay too good to me?

It was so fun spending time with these cute squishy faces all weekend long.  Between playing da-doo's { tractors }, to rocking baby girl to sleep time and time again, we got in some good eats, drinks and just all around fun times.  Big whoop the Cowboy's lost - we had a blastie with old-to-him, new-to-me friends and having the opportunity to finally exhale a week's worth of meetings, text messages and errands while enjoying the cozy Wyomin'.

After a long transition back into the work week, I got to unwind Monday night doing what I've done hundreds of times in the past and loved it probably even more than I ever have.  Worked out, drove to Jon's still sticky and sweaty, poured up a drink, cuddled the neighbors bebe, ordered in Thai food and watched whatever singing competition is on tv all while laughing, insulting each other yet sneaking in a rather solid heart to heart in the process.  This man's home has really proved yet again to be really the place I call home in CO.  Through countless moves of me in the city, him moving to and from CA while keeping his house, it's always been my little soft place to land, and I cherish our tv/thai/manhattan nights with him more than words can express.

Moving on to Tuesday where I had my first real quiet night in the new house since Sara has been on her whirlwind Peru trip.  I got a kick a gym workout in, picked up some fresh produce and got to settle in for the night with tofu marinating on the stove top, and brussels sprouts cookin' out on the grill IN the rain.  Yes, yes.  In the rain.  Grilling in the rain is probably my new favorite past time, just FYI.  Finishing the night off cuddling Wiley and getting major things emailed off/accomplished on my to do list put me to bed a happy woman.

Wednesday work day comes and goes, enter my weekly happy hour with my dear friend Steven, and Mary even came to join us!  We went to Zengo, continued on to the new Al Lado, and finished at McLoughlin's.  The latter 2 I have been wanting to check out for ages now, where the former will always be my favorite spot in Denver.  It holds such special memories of going there with my sister and aunt long before I decided to make my move here.  It hold memories of first friend dates, random happy hours, and one of my most favorite drinks in Denver, their cucumber mojito.

Thursday, another killer work out, my amaze dinner for 1.  Cool breeze.  Wiley.  Hot tea.  Freelance.  Food Network.

The photos in this post are random...but each mean something to me.  Some days I was the shutter bug I love being, other days I just put it away and enjoyed the moment.  Both are equal parts satisfying to me.

This weekend is packed to the brim with friends, family, eating out, and cooking in.  Freelance planning, laughter, football watching and maybe some relaxing.  Maybe.

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