Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm using a blanket as I type this.

And also am not using the middle finger on my right hand as I type because I cut the crap out of it chopping veggies opening wine and it hurts too badly to type with.

But anyway - can I get a whoop whoop for actually feeling a smidge of chill in the evenings which require a blanket vs walking around with a spray bottle and taking 3 showers just to cool off?

Whoop whoop!

I also miiiiiight have my dinner { read: soup } picked up for Thursday night, which won't be just any dinner { soup }.  It will be the dinner {soup } on a day where the forecast is predicted to be in the 60s!  THE SIXTIES   And of course I didn't pick one of the soups from my list because that would be far too expected.  aka I have an obsession for food blogs and found the top dog today.  It's called veganyumyum, guys.  I mean.  Really.  VEGANYUMYUM.  Not only am I infatuated with the blog name....the pictures.  Sweet Pickled Carrots - the pictures!  I need to stop before I get ahead of my rustic bread & eggplant lasagna self.

I'm stopping.


I made a very important To Do list for this evening, and I don't give a shiiiiiii if you want to hear what it  is or not, I'm sharing it:

Email Cody
Email Bob and Aaron
Email Becky pictures
Go to store
Drink wine

See what I said?  VERY important.  I'll have you know I have successfully chedked off #4, #5, #6 ok FINE it was the wine I cut my finger on.  Busted. and #7.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to complete #1-3 while dreaming up what color of nail polish to use before bed.

Talk about serious life decisions.  Nein!  Nein!  Nein!  Ok fine.?!  Or You Don't Know Jacques????!

Also, judge me for putting "Drink wine" on my to do list, and I'll bore you with details on a looooooooong work week { emphasis on ooooooooooooong } mixed with an abundance of freelance work without a ton of extra time to do get'erdone.  Let's just agree to agree it's necessary, mmk?  Mmk.

As you were.

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