Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Letters { v.2 }

Here we are again.  Another Friday, another Friday's Letters.

dear stretchy pants.
you complete me.  thank you for making my mornings and nights more comfortable.  i really can't wait to have a full time relationship with you come 2013.
dear fakesgiving.
are you really this saturday?!    like really really?  as in my most favorite day of the entire year?  as in the 7th annual fakesgiving at jon's house?  and hunter has the day off?  and we are both in town?  dude.  this is going to be good.  sofa king good. 
dear charlie.
you are my favorite.  thank you for sharing your infectious laughter with all of us, all of the time.  oh and for playing giant with me.  even though i wish i caught you laughing in the mirror before you saw us on the back of my camera, you are still cute.  even in a filthy bathroom mirror.

dear camera.
if it wasn't for that photo above, i would have completely forgotten about the photos below.  these shots from our west cost trip in june were the perfect pick-me-up i needed this week.

dear gina.
thank you for still being bubbly, warming and welcoming even on a really, reallyreally crappy day.  i am so thankful to call you a friend.
dear starbucks barista.
you totes mcoates made my thursday morning.  totes.
dear amie.
what would i do if you didn't pee laughing with me over go go gadget photos?!  i never want to know.
dear hunter
remember that time you picked up the entire house, kitchen and dishes when i fell asleep at an embarrassingly early time of 9:30p?  and once i did stir awake you demanded i go straight to bed versus helping you with our dirty dishes?  yeah.  you just keep proving time and time again how bad a of a bf you are, don't you?

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  1. I love you too! And I am sad you did not put the goiter picture up, it was for a good cause hee hee.