Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pho at home!

...cont from yesterday's pho rant...

A few weeks ago when I was housesitting for Jon, I was in the maximum stage of moving/job ending/friend leaving overwhelmed stage and was desperate for a quiet night in.  What else could I have asked for than Jon's beautiful house, the two pups, classical music and an entire kitchen to myself for a better pho round 2 making opportunity?!

First I cut up all these little friends.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.  That's a lie.  First, I mixed up this friend:

whiskey + ginger beer + a few cherries = happy beth

THEN I cut up my veggie friends and let them go swimming in about 6 cups of veggie broth.  { Sadly this time I just used bullion cubes, though my next attempt, I'm making my own veggie broth similar to how Hunter and I did our first shot at homemade pho! }

While the broth + veggies were simmering, I baked up my tofu using this very simple recipe using the marinate of soy sauce plus some red chili paste.  { I must shamelessly admit, for a Carnivore Beth who before would eat truly anything that was put in front of her, I'm learning very quickly how particular Vegan Beth is on how her tofu is prepared.  After two failed tofu dinning experiences out this weekend, I'm nearly giving up on ordering it from a restaurant.  That is why I was beyond thrilled when my baked tofu below turned out, and turned out amazingly!!!  I have a block of tofu at home that I want to try this same method with, just sans the marinade to make it more versatile. }

Prepared the noodles.

the noodles are in there, i swear.  note to self: never use white bowls for photographing white noodles

And introduced everyone for a big old fashioned pho party!!

Mmm...just looking at the above picture makes me excited about attempting at cooking it again.  I will say that I learned a few things on what not to do { don't use purple cabbage, rather green so your broth doesn't turn funky colors, and also boil the veggies separate then add them into the broth in the final 5'ish minutes }, but I also learned a few things on what to do { get more creative with veggies in the soup than our first attempt, and always, always buy bean sprouts even if you have somehow talked yourself out of them. }  I have a good feeling my next go at this delicious bowl of love will be the perfect love child of our first and second shot at mastering the pho.  

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  1. ok we need to talk about this ASAP and now I can make this stuff you talk about weekly.