Tuesday, November 13, 2012


If I would have to summarize Fall of 2012 into one meal, it would without question be The Meal of The Pho.  Anyone...and I really do mean anyone within arms reach of me the past few months knows exactly what I'm referring to.  I talk pho, crave pho, eat pho, make horrible pho puns con.stan.tly.  I was first introduced to pho right around a year ago from a dear friend, Phu.  { Try saying "I had Pho with Phu on Federal" 5 times fast and I'll buy your next bowl of pho. }, and really never looked back.

And by never looked back, I mean am completely, 100%, hopelessly obsessed.
 Full disclosure  if I had a photo for every time I ate pho, I could show you guys at least 1 new photo of pho a week...most times 2.  

be lucky i got a new phone a  month ago.  on my old phone's photo feed there was triple the amount of pho pix!

I introduced Hunter to it, and even though it may be hard to believe { it's not }...he never looked back either.

My favorite coworkers and I have even dubbed our lunch pho dates as TGIP!  Then you enter in the appropriate day of the week.  TGIPhoriday, TGIPuesday, TGIPhursday.  You get the jist.  I would be remiss to mention we plan a pho date at least once a week, and tend to talk about when our next pho date will be as the waiter is clearing our plates...

hi phil!

Remember my attempt at using up everything in my pantry/fridge before moving a few months back?...yeah, I made a poor man's pho out of veggie broth, rice noodles and a few veggies.

I even introduced Mary to it!  Just a side note: eating a pho picnic in the park with your BFF is really, anyway you spin it, the best way to live life.

Hunter and I tried our hand in making it for his birthday festivities, and even though it turned out good....like really good, I'm determined to make it top notch, Pho Duy/Pho 78 good.

Though my plan for this post was simply to share my most recent cooking attempt at pho, it quickly spiraled into more than just a recipe post.  I'll share that tomorrow, but for now just bask in the above beautiful pho'tos while you quickly google the nearest pho restaurant.  I know I am!

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  1. i tried some in houston and it had some different meat in it.. this version looks tasty enough for another try!