Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Letters.

I've been reading Adventures of Newlyweds for a few months now, and I think Ashley is totes blogger crush worthy.  One of the main reasons I'm drawn to her blog { besides the bad ass design! } is because her and her husband have been traveling around the US for the past few years with his job as a traveling doctor.  It's been fun seeing her insight to moving, finding apartments, locations, states etc., knowing that adventure is on the horizon for us sooner than later!  Ashley does a weekly Friday's Letters link up that I've been really wanting to join in on for weeks now, and no time like the present, right?  I'm going to carpe the hell out of this diem.  Some of what I have to say could be repetitive from yesterday's thankful post, but I'm not mad.  Here we go!

dear squeaky bean.
thank you for providing the most enchanting setting and delicious dinner for bob and i last night.  sitting on your chef's line is my most favorite on many, many, manymanymany levels, but getting to catch up with hunter's dad, and hear story after story of what hunt was like when he was a kid and all growing up is something i will never tire of.  so thank you.
dear mary.
i don't feel like i properly thanked you for driving to ft. collins and back for me on tuesday.  i know you weren't feeling the best.  i know you had projects to work on.  i know oliver probably should have had a quiet night at home, but you helped me out anyway and i am so grateful to you for that!  thank you 100 times over.
dear snowy range.
thank you for giving me a life to look forward to during these trying days of tediously teaching people how to unzip files, fulfilling last minute irritating requests and wasting away 8 hours behind a computer day after day. i can't wait to get to hang out with you on a daily basis in just a few short weeks!!!
dear mom and dad.
thank you for being your beautifully silly wonderful selves.  we got to chat on the phone this morning, and i had tears in my eyes from hearing the both of you laugh and giggle with me.  i love you two endlessly, and words can't express how excited i am to see you all in a few short weeks!
dear weather.
it sounds like you are going to be changing soon.  thank you and i'm thrilled.  let's get rid of these 70 degree days in november, and bring on the chilly nights, chili dinners, and blankets for days and days!
dear nuggets vs jazz.
you have given hunter and i a date night we've been looking forward to for about a month now.  we get to do our favorite things all in one night.  cook together, drink wine, walk to the pepsi center, watch the nugs play for the first time this season, and win or loose, it's going to be a badass night, i can just tell, so thank you in advance
dear hunter.
thank you for being the baddest ass of them all.  i ruff you.

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  1. _dear beth_
    *thank you* for the meal that cured my _illness._ Oliver & I would drive you to Canada and back.