Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The 14th of December.

It's confirmed  peeps.  A month from today, December 14th, is now my official last day of work.
Cue celebration, party, excitement, nerves, changes, anxiety and everything in between.

I find it extremely fitting the confirmation I have a month left came 1 day after:
I got served my severance papers.
I noticed my first real shift from my work, to the new guys taking over my position to taking the PR's.
MY NEW SKI/WINTER JACKET CAME IN THE MAIL!  Can you tell I was more than excited to see it had my favorite thumb holes?! { that sounded so weird when I typed it out, but upon further googling, it turns out thumb holes is the appro term }

notice my cube behind me that at one time was full of fun photos and memories is now down to generic framed photos and books.  it's what i'm calling "detaching".
Jaime sent out such a sweet going away happy hour email on my behalf { not to mention this sweet blog post she wrote last week!  tear! }

30 days.  We can do this.

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