Thursday, November 8, 2012


this week, i am thankful for:
dozens and dozens of leaves piled on my car in the mornings.
successful runs.
tv show marathons + roomies.
automatic car start.
naturally curly hair.
sleepy smooches from a particular sleepy nurse.
the giant, cozy, amazeball cowl made by my mary.
unsuccessful runs, and yet being lifted up by your two bwest friwends { i'm looking at you amie and mary! }
giggling, eating, and chatting with one of my most favorite person for an hour in the car while that said favorite person's dog lays it's wet nose on your arm just begging to be let in the front to join in the fun.
vegan pizza.
date nights.
my walk in closet so i can get dressed without having to turn on the light and wake my sleeping nurse.
hot tea, a hot card playing partner and a glimpse at what life could look like in 30 years.
a big fat beaming smile hoping that is what life does look like in 30 years.
silly parents.
less than 2 weeks until thanksgiving!
the ability to visualize, and create.
$2 beer can night.
purple cabbage to make salads extra bright.
my coworkers.  well......most of them. ; >
instant messaging.
the promise of a cold, chilly and snowy weekend.

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