Friday, March 15, 2013

Insta Dump vol.2

Unnecessary for those of you who follow me on Instagram, *necessary for those of you who don't.

:: even the sidewalks were celebrating love day! ::

:: sups important drink decisions to be made at laundry in steamboat! ::
:: no better way to celebrate vday than free drinks, delicious dinner and a night spent at the hot springs.  yum. ::

:: my valentine's day gift - a martini from the martini making master! ::
:: beware of the beautiful ice ::

:: what else would i be doing on a tuesday afternoon than touring new belgium brewery with my favorite brewmaster, uncles x2 and aunt?! ::
:: and what else would my aunt and uncle from nd be doing than going down a giant slide? ::

:: mine. ::
:: on the road again ::
:: again, saving our mt ig's for the recap! ::
:: wyo roads trying to stop me from making it to my girls week in denver.  psch.  as if. ::
:: ikea is one kajillion billion times more enjoyable on a tues afternoon vs sat afternoon ::
:: watch out hunt.  you have some stiff competition with this dream boat! ::
:: my second, third fourth and fifth loves ::
:: hungover/tired/bored at the toyota dealership, praying no one can hear my Pussycat Dolls pandora playlist through my earbuds ::
:: hurrying from denver to snowy for a night, before taking off again to salt lake the next morning ::
:: again, slc ig's to be saved for recap ::

*slight exaggeration.


  1. Insta Dump...sounds like a stool softener.

  2. Every time I see that picture of us at Lindy's... I relive the hangover I had from WAY too much alcohol. I also cannot get over how incredible drunk this photo feels :)