Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pro/Con. Mountain Style.

Now that we've been living up at Snowy for a few months, there have been quite a few random things that happen during the day that make me giggle, or silently compare life to how life was pre-Snowy.
Enjoy my little list of pros and cons explaining such:

Pro :: Bedroom window facing East, so you can see the sunrise every.single.morning.from bed.
Con :: Bedroom window facing East AND the parking lot so you have people walking outside your window every.single.morning when you get dressed.

Pro :: A fully stocked, restaurant sized kitchen with every possible thing you could need next door if you happen to forget an ingredient or don't have the pots/pans you need!
Con :: Access to a grocery store is at least a 45-60 minute drive away.

Pro :: Living on the side of a mountain with only a handfull of other people gives you the ability to recognize every single car in the parking lot once the hill is shut down.  That leads to the quietest of all quiet nights, peace and calm surrounding you.
Con :: When you do hear a car in the parking lot past 6pm, you freeze and immediately assume you are going to get robbed.  Mountain Style.

Pro :: Getting to spend day in and day out with your favorite boy.
Con :: Getting used to not yelling "LOVES!!!!" instead of your favorite boy's name across the cafeteria with 200+ people staring at you.

Pro :: Living at a ski area = skiing whenever the mood strikes.
Con :: Living at a ski area = putting up with 200+ other people who want to ski whenever the mood strikes.

Pro :: Always, no matter what, always having coffee on and ready for you whenever you get out of bed.
Con :: Fist fighting for the last cup of coffee with 5 other adults you live with.

Pro :: Living with 5 adults and 2 kids means if you just don't have it in you to cook one night, there is bound to be someone who has the cooking itch.
Con :: Running out of food when you yourself have the cooking itch and need to feed 5 adults and 2 hungry kids.

Pro ::  Getting to work on your computer in your pj's and bed head.
Con :: Your computer is set up where there is a time clock, so dozens of lifties who come to clock in for the morning can see you working on your computer in your pj's and bed head.

Pro :: Getting to watch the Super Bowl, have birthday dinners and random nights of card playing in your own private bar, and getting to use your own private giant kitchen for cooking up some snicky snacks.
Con :: There really is no con to this.  I just wanted to sneak it in.

Pro :: No cell phone reception means keeping your cell phone completely shut off and thrown in some random drawer during your time spent up at Snowy.
Con :: When you are actually out in public and civilization, forgetting to turn your phone on, charge your phone and respond to texts/phone calls in any sort of reasonable timeframe.

Pro :: Stretchy pants.  Errrr'day.
Con :: Laundry.  Errrrr'day.

Pro :: Having such a hard working boyfriend who is up until 1am working on grooming the mountain.
Con ::  Having such a hard working boyfriend who when he is done working on grooming the mountain at 1am brings the radio into the bedroom with him, and when the radio chatter starts at 7am you get scared senseless and immediately assume you are going to get robbed.  Mountain Style.

Pro :: Getting to live with the cutest little two nuggets who live in WY, and their constant cuddles.
Con :: Contracting the said cute little nuggets germs from the flu, to adult hand, foot and mouth disease.  No freaking bueno.

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