Thursday, March 14, 2013


::WORKING ON:: Designing business cards for Hunter and I { for a reason I have realized hasn't even made the blog yet.  I need to get explaining! }, misc Snowy projects, brainstorming ways to expand my freelance and a super secret project that involved 4 oh so amazing tutorial videos by my Mary!  I can't talk much about it, but when it's over, I'll most def pimp the final project all over here.  Also working on snacking on more Cuties, banana + peanut butter combos, mini sweet peppers, glasses of water and hot tea over chips and salsa, jelly beans, salty pretzel chips and glasses of beer/wine.

::THINKING ABOUT:: Inspiration.  The inspiration that has come to me in forms of friendship, love, creativity, strength, despair, design, kindness, grief.  Since leaving my job 4 months ago, I feel like I'm finally morphing back to the Beth who moved to Denver.  I'm feeling myself shedding the vain, materialistic, corporate america thoughts that I was surrounded by for 5 years, and morphing back to the Beth who was less jaded.  The Beth who didn't give a flying football where her jeans came from, and when is the right time in the year to wear white.  The Beth who wanted to give more, laugh more.  The Beth who wanted spend more time alone in the park.  The Beth who used to mail cards just because.  The Beth who found sheer joy in sitting alone at a coffee shop reading for hours on end.  The Beth who LOVED designing, and couldn't be pulled away from her computer.  I lost a lot, if not all of my creative design spark in those 5 years { to no one's fault but my own } and I'm determined to get it back.  This surge of striving to be a better person can be 100% attributed to the bodies and friendship I've been lucky enough to surround myself with in the past 4 months.  It's amazing how inspiring it is when you have the ability to choose who it is you spend your time with.  What a concept, eh?  Choosing who you focus on building friendships with and who you are able to concentrate on spending time with.  And in that time, pulling as much knowledge, direction and love from people you admire most.   

::ANTICIPATING:: So, so, so many things!  I'm anticipating likely the busiest weekend at Snowy starting tomorrow.  I'm anticipating my uncle coming up and staying Sunday/Monday.  I'm anticipating a quick week trip to Steamboat next week. I'm anticipating gearing up for a Washington DC trip the end of the month.  I'm anticipating the end of the ski season in early April { HOW is it possible I'm already typing those words?  Too fast, time.  Too fast. } I'm anticipating time spent at Lake Powell for a very very special trip.  I'm anticipating Hunter and my next step and all of the pieces coming together for where we will live next.  But above all?  I'm anticipating the shower that is about 2 hours overdue this morning. Yikes.

::LISTENING TO:: Paper Bird!  Mary introduced me to them years ago, though sadly it was in my stubborn music stage.  It's not that I didn't listen to her music recommendations  but it's just that I didn't listen to her music recommendations.  I dusted off one of their CD's she was kind enough to burn me, and I haven't turned back since.  Hunter was even moving and grooving to them during our last car ride to SLC!  I have determined it is exactly 6 Paper Bird songs from Centennial to Laramie.  Such a glorious 30 minute drive...   

::EATING:: Avocado toast morning after morning 100% by choice.  Veggie burgers afternoon after afternoon 4% by choice { so thankful for the option here in Snowy's cafeteria and other restaurants in Centennial and on our travels.  However, I think I've maxed out on veggie burgers for quite some time. } And delicious vegan meal night after night, again 100% by choice!  The support and attention to detail Hunter and his family have shown for my vegan eating has been the maximum level of thoughtful and kind.  Since moving up here I can think of one meal we've had that wasn't vegan friendly { we usually cook dinners based around vegan recipes, but cook up a meat/dairy option on the side for other carnivores to add to their meal }, and even then it was vegetarian and meatless!  

::THANKFUL FOR::  Fi-nally getting back into an exercise routine!  Hunter was kind enough finally had it with my bitching and set up a treadmill one building over for us to use!  Plus, the random days that I head into town I try to sneak a run in- it feels so great breathing in the fresh Spring air!  My weight has been up and down these past few months, and right now it's up...and that makes me feel down { Seriously I need that shower to break up my bad puns. }  Spring has sprung, and I'm very thankful for a { somewhat } healthy knee and body to get to ski and run to enjoy it all.  

::PLANNING FOR:: Our last kick of trips and final weeks at Snowy before settling into a new town/state come mid-Spring.  I'm embracing this crazy exciting traveling, spontaneous and adventurous period in our lives right now while it's hitting us smack dead in the face before a slower { albeit much welcomed } lifestyle comes our way.

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