Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bookworm Beth vol. 2

Since January, I've still been keeping my nose plastered in many a good book, though I haven't been plowing through them speedily as I was before.  Here is a quick rundown on the books that have been keeping my attention as of late!

Life of Pi
Oh Life of Pi.  My severe love/hate relationship for you is still leaving ME confused.  I brought this book with me when I visited Amie out in NH.  We were far too busy giggling and eating Margarita's chips and salsa for me to read while I was out there, but I had plenty of time on my way back to get fed up with it. almost put it down.  curse the pages.  flip ahead 100 pages in a last ditch effort to freaking read the thing.  I so badly and direly wanted to love this book, I really did.  I remember sending Mary a text from the airport in Chicago during a quick layover on my way back saying "I'm going to do it Mary.  I'm going to quit reading Life of Pi.  I can't go another page."  She supported me, though for some reason I just couldn't do it, I had to keep reading.  I did keep reading, but I really didn't love it.  I will admit to literally flipping ahead 100 pages to get through the supes boring part and to any sort of action part.  Once I reached the action parts, I started liking it.  I did.  I finished the book rather quickly, and was pleased with the ending.  I am really anxious to watch the movie to see how charming they can make the parts that didn't entice me.

Big Rock Candy Mountain
This was another read from my personal Cindy Maddox Library!  This book pulled me in instantly as the first few chapter took place in Fargo North Dakota and referenced towns like Davenport { where my cousins live! }.  Throughout the book it referenced the glorious town of Mayville { Do you hear me Mary and Karley?!  It talked about MAYVILLE! } where my good friends lived for several years in college.  The book was about two young lovers way back in the early 1900's who started a family while hopping from town to town in order to chase jobs and make any sort of money to support their family.  I related to this book on a few levels, not only because it talked about towns I once lived in and know, but also because it was about living the simple life away from the frills of big cities, which is something I can relate to right now.  Though the ending wasn't as dreamy and happy ending as I would have liked, it was real and raw, and for that I really really enjoyed it.

Saving Fish from Drowning
Good golly, Miss. Molly - this was such an incredible read.  I finished the book only last night, so I still have it pretty heavily on my mind.  I thought this one would take me a bit to get into, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  The book is written from the narrative perspective from a deceased character who is watching over a group of her 11 closest friends as they take a trip to Burma where the group suddenly disappears out of thin air.  There isn't much more to say about this other than it was really gripping and such a wonderful read.

That concludes my list of read books up until this point!  I have two more in front of me that I am debating which one to read first, one is a book Hunter recently finished, and another is a book that was lent to me by my sweet friend Lindsey when we saw them this past week in Salt Lake.  I'm fairy certain I've decided to go with the latter book first, but I will keep you all posted!

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