Friday, March 22, 2013


I have some serious catching up to do on this here blog.  Some trips, some beer related news { which really, isn't that the best kind of news? }, some of my favorite charlie + hunter photos and a few things in between.  Here is a little peek at what sort of blog posts you can expect in the next week or two!

New Hampshire Trip
This post will have far too many ka's, inside jokes, stories probably no one but Amie and I will understand, but I can't wait to relive my week long trip out to New Hampshire and gush over how incredible it is to have a best friend 15 hours away, or 8 hours away { what is that I read?  Foreshadowing possibly? } and have the speed of your friendship stay exactly the same.  She's a keeper that Cmie.

Snowy Play Date
You'll get a little peek at what happens when you live at a ski area after the hill is closed up and happen to have a copious amount of ski bikes/sleds to play with.  Spoiler Alert: Someone ends the night pantsless drinking hot chocolate and playing with a toy snow cat, but you didn't hear it here first.

Why is this man, or should I say Head Brewer, drinking out of a tap handle and getting away with it?  Stay tuned...

Happy Birthday, Hunter!
How we celebrate birthday's Snowy Style { check out this party girl!  hello, life of the party! } and also Montana Style.

charlie + hunter
Some of my favorite day to day snap shots of these two little rug rats!  In this particular photo, I believe Charlie was playing the drums { foam roller }, and talking on the phone { ipod }.  

Surprise, SLC!
A quick weekend road trip to surprise the sweetest of all sweet women for her very special birthday weekend!  

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