Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Things that would be on my body if I had a steady paycheck.

Otherwise known as a Wish List.  However, had I simply called it a Wish List, you wouldn't have clicked on the post with such vigorous and slight judgmental curiosity, now would you have?

Didn't think so.

Let's just continue before things get weird and I use the phrase "on my body" again.

This giraffe necklace would be the first beautiful dainty beauty to be worn.  Amie and I have a slight obsession with spending far too long on Dogeared's website creating our own little wish list, and this one has been at the top of mine since February.  I've always felt a sort of kinship to giraffes { anyone who has ever met me understands.  5'13" and proud. }, but I also adore the message that goes along with it.  Be a true original.  Love.

I would for sheeze splurge on this band/ring.  I bought myself a little diamond ring back in December as a to me, from me, love me { which I strongly believe those gifts to yourself are the most important gifts! }, and I would really love adding a new complimentary ring to my original one!  I go swoon-crazy for stacked rings, and I love the idea of adding more little treasures as the years go by.

Speaking of gold rings...I would follow in the footsteps of my style muse Mary and copy her gold band that is the most perfection!  I would love one, oh ok it's my wish list I can go crazy, two or three for my pointer finger.

I know it's easy for me to say this now because I can't follow through with my words one bit...but, But!  I would, I really would spend the money for a good salon hair color/treatment.  I am so sick of my black hair and the only option I have to color my hair being black.  I would spend the time and money to nurse my hair back to it's natural light brown color.  I really would.

I would rock the shiiiii out of spring nail polishes!  And again, because it's my wishlist I'm going to reference Butter Nail Polish which has always been far too expensive for me, but wish away, Beth!  I would take home with me their Artful Dodger, Brummie and Primrose Hill Picnic 

I would get this fancy yoga towel to help in my yoga practice.  I've recently started up my daily yoga routine again, and bought this really amazing yoga mat to assist me { of course I can't remember the brand off the top of my head, but will update this as it comes to me! }.  I really love the length of my new mat, this 5'13" body doesn't spill over to the floor anymore!  However, I do slip and slide around a little bit but can't really justify a $45 mat and then a $38 towel for the mat. Give me a week or two though, and I'll justify that mat in no time.

Shoot.  That yoga towel didn't really fall under the category of "on my body" did it { omg I said that stupid phrase again }?  Well then you don't want me to tell you about the Big Agnes camping sleeping mat I so desperately want yet also doesn't fall under that category?  Ok I won't.

I think that wraps it up for today.  Does anyone else agree this blog post could have been titled "I love goldddddd?"  

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  1. I think this should be filed under "TREAT YO' SELF" instead.