Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pitch Perfect :: On Repeat!

I watched Pitch Perfect last week, and though the movie in it's entirety kinda fell short for me, there were a few songs/parts that had me frozen in awe and rewinding the movie a few dozen times over.  I love when actresses magically surprise us with their incredible singing ability, and my Twilight girls have been nailing it lately { first shinning example }.  Anna Kendrick was really fun to watch in Pitch Perfect and the inner cynic in me was trying to bust her lip sincing to find a flub in the voice over, because surely that couldn't have been her real voice, right?  The next day I was talking to Mary about it and trying to find some clips on YouTube, when I came across this clip and just like that I was a believer!!!

Chills, right?  So that just fueled my obsession with her and this song.  Pretty cool music video for it, too.

A few other favorites from the movie!

And those who have seen the movie understand why this clip is strictly lyrics, no video!


  1. Ugh for some reason I thought you were talking about Fever Pitch and I was really confused. Jimmy Fallon doesn't sing!

  2. I LOVE that movie! Especially when they sing the Rivers Cuomo song at the end :)

    1. I completely agree, Jessica! I've got the magic in meee..ahh love it! Thanks for stopping by. By the way, your girls are just about the most beautiful ladies on the internet, I'm so happy to be introduced to your blog! Have a great weekend!