Monday, May 13, 2013

Things I'm Into.

I’ve seen a handful of cute and girly favorite products/makeup around on the web { How Sweet It Is + Daily Grace } and at first I thought “Self, you should do this, too!  It’d be a good way to shake up your blog.”  And then I immediately countered that thought by the simple reminder that in the past oh let's say a month, I’ve worn make up/used hair product quite possibly less than 5 times total { please don’t take away my Woman Card } which would make it a really sad blog post about cheap mascara and kangaroo hair gel.  Then I realized it didn’t have to be all make up/products – it can be anything I’m into right now!  Without futher adeau :: Things I’m Into { title compliments of Markie }

The phrase “Things I’m Into” :: After living with your boyfriend, his family and best friend from elementary school for 3 months, you pick up the quirkiest/funniest/most annoying catch phrases against your will and this right here is a shinning example of one.

My new Nalgene bottle!  :: We picked up this lovely little guy in Seattle at REI a few weekends ago, and I fell.  Hard.  It's slightly bigger than standard { BPA FREE } Nalgene bottles, so it’s the perfect size to fill up and down a few throughout the day.  Mine has a blazing bright green top, which makes it even more dreamy.  However, let's not talk about how it almost cost Hunter his life/dry pack on our trip last week { he was filling it up in the stream and the lip of the top came loose from the bottle, so it fell in the water and within a matter of seconds, Hunter almost fell in the water along with it trying to save it from going downstream.  Life saver that one. }
My Old iPod :: When I was packing up for our trip out to Washington I came across my old iPod, and have had the most fun going through old playlists/albums on it!  We had quite the laugh { or 39 } when Hunter first heard the songs on it.  Full Disclosure: During the time in my life when I used this particular iPod the most, I was young and “head over heels in love” with a gentlemen who was stationed overseas for several years.  It is glaringly obvious I was so love struck/overly sad because the songs on it are like the most depressing songs.  Hunter called it my depressed suicide watch phase because it’s really is just that bad.  But there are some real gems on it, too!  Like every single song John Mayer and Jack Johnson had up until like 2009.  Score!

Pure Vegan Cookbook :: I was thiiiiiis close to getting the Pure Vegan cookbook at Barnes and Noble { for $29.99 } a few weeks ago but decided better of it.   Thank goodness I didn’t purchase it because I found this BEAUTY of a gem in perfect condition at a used bookstore { for $15.00! } in Seattle last week!  The photos in the book are totes drool worthy, easy peasy recipes with really commonly used ingredients.  I have about 3 recipes picked out for our meals this week and am gitty about it!

Bubble Bath Nail Polish + Base and Top Coat :: I packed up 3 and only 3 nail polishes to bring with me to WA.  A soft pink { Bubble Bath by OPI }, a super dark brown { Hot for Chocolate by Revlon }, and a bright orange { Peachy by Revlon }.  I have a slight to serious obsession with hating chipped nails, and because I just don’t have the patience for taking of my nail polish daily anymore, this light pink is the softest and most lovely polish for spring, and hides it’s silly little chips so well!  Also, my base coat and topcoat I  s w e a r  by.  { right, mary and karley? }

Chia Seeds :: I’d had chia seeds in kombucha before, but was always gun shy on buying a $15 bag of them { commitment issues anyone? } until I found a really great piced bag of them at Trader Joe’s last week!  Aside from their endless health benefits, they taste great in our smoothies, or in a crisp glass of Cranberry Juice at nights.  Which brings me to my next item…

Cranberry Juice! :: On one leg of many on our drive out here, I ran in to a gas station and Hunter asked me to grab him a bottle of cranberry juice.  It sounded so good, not only did I grab a bottle for myself, but haven’t been able to stop buying them since.  H O W E V E R.  Can anyone relate on how incredibly difficult it is to find a Cranberry Juice that is 100% juice, not this “Cranberry Cocktail” SEVEN PERCENT juice?!  It’s hard.  Let’s just say that.  But oh oh oh so worth it!

My Juicer ::  Duh.  Not much to say about this baby except for it gets used with love and spoken to like a family member in this household.  Favorite Combination at the moment :: Bok Choy, Rainbow Chard, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Lemon and Ginger.  Here in the Maddfield household, we smoothie in the morning and juice in the afternoon!  Day after day, week after week.

Tofu :: I know I might get a few eye rolls on this one, so let me start out with saying I am fully aware that though tofu is “healthy”, it isn’t good for you.  Estrogen/hormones, GMOs, too processed.  You name it.  I know it.  But, this doesn’t stop me from literally day dreaming about the next time I can cube a block of it up and toss it on the stove top with a little EVOO + S + P and brown it up for a real, real good time.  Best served with slightly carmalized onions and jalapenos.  

C9 by Champion Pants :: Knowing Hunter and I want to seriously up our hiking/backpacking outings, I wanted a good pant to wear that wasn’t totally flared and baggy.  We stopped at a Target downtown Seattle last weekend and through much searching/frustrations { don’t ask, just next time you see Hunter thank him for his patience of scouring the women’s athletic section of Target for me. } I came home with two pairs of these babies!  They were just perfect for backpacking.  As if I needed one more excuse to love stretchy pants….

New Pack :: We have really great access to some amazing hiking, camping and backpacking here in the pacific Northwest that we fully intend on exploring every second we get.  I was lucky enough to get to use Hunter’s dad’s pack when we did our 14’er, but ultimately I needed my own.  We knew the brand we wanted to stick with, and ended up getting this one at a really great outdoor shop in Port Townsted.  The old hippie working there pretty much sold me on it right away when he pointed out it matched my Buff perfectly.  REI had a few more colors/options, but ultimately #shoplocal prevailed, as it always will! Her name is Vivian, and I love her.

EOS Lipgloss :: YES!  SOMETHING GIRLY!  I have the pomegranate raspberry one and am smitten.  Whenever I put it on, I can see Hunter out of the corner of my eye silently judging how redonkulous I look when I put it on, but I don’t have time to worry about that because when it’s love, it’s love!  Ya’mean?

Gap Maxi Skirt :: Picked this beauty { dang that girl knows how to style the skirt way better than I do! } up at the Gap Outlets in CO last summer and it’s constantly my go-to for errands or a quick walk to coffee.  Fun Fact :: When we moved, I minimized my clothing to….. wait for it …..THIRTEEN hangers.  13!  { I feel better knowing that Karley is currently going through the same process. } Though since we’ve been to WA  { close to a month } I’ve worn something off my hangers…….once.  Reference the note above for my love of stretchy pants, and please keep all comments to yourself.

Coffee Shops :: If I could to back 5 years and tell myself something, I would thunk that Beth on the head and tell her “YOU ARE GOING TO QUIT SITTING AT COFFEE SHOPS IN THESE UPCOMING 5 YEARS.  BUT DON’T.  YOU LOVE THEM.  YOU FEEL CREATIVE IN THEM.  KEEP.  GOING.”  Did that work?  I don’t really think it did, so I’ll just simply boringly say I’ve been sitting at coffee shops almost daily now and I just really, really love it.  This was a habit I had in college for years and years to just go with a book, a computer or my people watching glasses on and somehow I lost that over the years.  I’m glad to be back, baby. 

Subway Salads :: Obsession still going strong.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  You get so many veggies for $5!!!!!  Luck is on my side that we have a Subway roughly a 2 minute walk from our condo.  Skore.

Fresh Sun Brewed Tea :: As simple as it sounds!  We’ve constantly had a fresh pitcher of sun tea made on our balcony in the fridge, and mercy me is it tasty and just what I want after a long and sweaty run!

#whatveganseat :: Confession: Lately when Hunter has been working nights, I can be found in bed  searching the hashtag #whatveganseat on Instagram.  There are so many brightly colored Instagram feeds out there it’s so inspiring!  Following these new and amazing people is bringing a whole new level of inspiration to our daily meals!

Venus Razor :: WHO KNEW there was a product out there so dreamy that could trick me into shaving my legs if not daily, then for sure every other day.  Let’s be real here…this hasn’t happened since that much anticipated day in 6th grade when my mom finally said I could start shaving.  God love you { and the general public thanks you }, Venus Razor.

Coconut Yogurt :: For our first camping trip, we found a dynamite local co-op a few towns over to get our groceries at.  We wanted simple and light, so we decided on granola and yogurt.  A little part of me died inside { dramatic } at the thought of yogurt and not being able to make the trip 100% vegan, but when I visited the yogurt section, much to my surprise they had "Cultured Coconut Milk"!  We mixed it with coconut granola { picked by H before he even knew which yogurt I picked }, and both mornings we were out, I would have a mind blowingly fun experience eating the combination. Yes, Cultured Coconut Milk blows my mind in a fun way.  Back off.

Dates :: Not like dinner-and-a-movie-dates, dates-dates!  So sweet and lovely they trick your body into thinking you are eating a Butterfinger or DQ blizzard for dessert!

Note :: After writing this post last night, I decided to ditch the stretchy pants and top knot and actually get dressed like a normal person, and spend time curling/straightening/styling my hair to meet a client this afternoon.  As I sit at a coffee shop finalizing the post before heading over to Port Orchard, it is pouring rain outside.  Pouring.  I knew this presentable hair/outfit thing was a bad idea.

And because a post isn't complete without a photo, feast your eyes on this.
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