Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weewind Wednesday :: 1 in every 4,534.

There are so many hashtags on Instagram of #throwbackthursday and #flashbackfriday, and I was trying so hard { and by so hard, I mean I gave it minimal effort } to think of what Wednesday's was and after about 30 seconds of thinking....I gave up and made up my own.  We{r}ewind Wednesday.  

I've talked before about my new/old Paper Bird obsession { next artist/album you recommend Mary, I swear it won't take me 4 years to give in, listen to and love as much as you do }.  When it came time to leave Snowy the CD was in my car, and though I never intended to bring my car to WA with us, there was a little thing called 30+ inches of snow covering my car to the point you literally couldn't even see it/tell where it was.  Needless to say the CD is still in the car in Wyoming, and I'm going through se-rious Paper Bird withdrawals   I always have a hard time finding their songs online, and I'm not 100% sure of the name of the song I'm in the most love with so when the mood hits, there is only one direct way to scratch my itch.  Enter today's Weewind Wednesday :: Bedge and Mart's Craft Video from 2011!  For some really annoying reason, I can't get the video to embed in this post, so I'm resorting to including a screen shot from the video and trusting you little nuggets click here to watch three and a half minutes of love.

That Mary, man.  She really is as good as it gets!  It's amazing to me how her and I haven't lived in the same city for 6 months now, but I still feel like we live 1 mile apart because of the effort, time and love we have put into our friendship and staying in touch with each other.  I still feel like we are as up to date on our day to day happenings as we were 7 months ago.  Funny story :: The last time Hunter and I were in Denver packing up the last of my stuff, Mary, Hunter, Mark and I all went to a Nuggets game.  

:: photo on the right from Mary's Instagram!::
I had brought a few things of hers that I needed to return, but left them in the truck intending to give them to her after the game.  As we were leaving we realized we were both parked in the same parking lot which would make the exchange that much easier!  As we were walking to our cars, lo and behold, we were parked RIGHT next to each other!  What are the chances?!  Big big Nuggets game, dozens of lots to pick from, thousands of spots to park in, and we parked directly next to each other.  It was pretty magical if you ask me.  Mary later looked it up and there are 4, 534 parking spaces located on its grounds.  I call Mary my 1 in every 4,534 friend because her love, compassion and friendship really is one in every four thousand five hundred thirty four.  

I love you, Mart!


  1. Love you more than I love a cirque du soleil character eating a strawberry, a 5-guy-french fry & frooties while hula hooping.

  2. And love you for being weirded-out by the first comment I left.